Future Hall of Fame quarterback and current New England Patriots starting QB Tom Brady recently spoke at Milken Institute Global Conference where he addressed his future in the National Football League. Brady also discussed topics on his personal goals, offseason preparation, his current mindset, and his relationship with the Patriots organization among other subjects. Here, Brady confirmed an issue that football people and non-football people have been discussing as each NFL offseason rolls around.

Will Tom Brady be back for another year of football?

Yes, yes he will. Brady reiterated that he has a goal to extend his career into his mid-40's. He's taking a different offseason approach which includes skipping this year's voluntary team offseason program and a system he has personalized.

"I have a great system in place that works well for me in order to keep me performing at my highest level," Brady said according to ESPN.

Brady has created a training program called the TB12 Training Method, which he considers a second career.

It is hard for one to deter a Brady mentality.

He referred to times where he was told in his mid-thirties that his end was near, which fueled the fire on his personal goals.

He says he's able to continue on with his career because of his love of football, his commitment to the game, and he believes in his plan.

Brady has been a leader for as long as some fans can remember, he certainly doesn't flash his handful of Super Bowl Championships for no reason.

"What I want to do in the meantime is I want to inspire people through my action.

Not tell them what do do, but just show it," Brady said as reported by ESPN.

He told Jim Gray, who hosted Brady's speaker panel, that he had his "moments" in reference to being happy.

There seems to be some speculation recently that there was some turmoil between Brady and the front office. Whether that would be between Brady and head coach Bill Belichick or Brady and Patriots owner Robert Kraft or even Brady versus both.

Brady played down the idea that he's happy in New England.

Brady said, "When you've been on the same team for a long time, you have relationships for a long time, they ebb and flow like every relationship. But there are no people I'd rather play for..."

So Brady will return for his 19th season in the National Football League, playing for the same team he started his career with, and won each of his five career Super Bowl titles.