The Cleveland Cavaliers barely beat the Toronto Raptors in Game 1 of their playoff series on Tuesday night in overtime. Two nights later, also in Toronto, the Cavs and LeBron James destroyed the Raptors by 18 points and Cavaliers fans had a lot of fun with it online after the game ended. Last year, LeBron and the Cavs swept the Raptors and with Game 3 heading back to Cleveland, some fans think that Cleveland can do it again. It got to the point where some fans believe that LeBron James owns Toronto to the point where they should rename the team "LeBronto." When the memes started running wild with that name after the Game 2 win, some Toronto Raptors players were not happy with it.

Toronto Raptors player speaks out about Cavs fans

When asked about the meme and the "LeBronto" name, Toronto Raptors point guard Fred VanVleet exclaimed that he doesn't "really give a f--k." This was in response to a question by The Athletic's Eric Koreen. Of course, the meme stuck because of something ESPN announcer Mark Jones said during the game.

LeBron James scored 43 points and Jones called the city "LeBronto." Soon, memes and hashtags with the name were sweeping all over the Internet and players like VanVleet did not find it amusing. With players like VanVleet unable to stop him, James has averaged 34.5 points, 13.5 assists and 9.5 rebounds in the first two games of the Eastern Conference series.

Cavs and Raptors prepare for Game 3

With Fred VanVleet seeming to be very angry about the "LeBronto" meme and hashtag, things are not likely to get better for the Toronto Raptors when they head to Cleveland for Game 3.

Expect fans to be loud and rowdy, expect chants of "LeBronto," expect signs, and expect LeBron James to remain locked in for the rest of this series.

The fact is also there that VanVleet has tried to get physical with LeBron James in this series -- and failed miserably. In Game 1, VanVleet -- a 5 ft. 11 in. guard -- tried to get in James face after a play.

There is no way that VanVleet could have come out of that in one piece, but luckily for him, other players separated them. The funniest part was that VanVleet for the technical foul called on him. WIth his anger at "LeBronto," one wonders if he will keep his anger in check in Game 3 when Cavs fans are reigning down the jeers.

Game 3 between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors takes place on Friday night in Cleveland. With the Cavs winning the first two games in Toronto, they can wrap up a sweep without having to leave Cleveland again by winning the next two games.