Over the last few days, several players for the Chicago Cubs have been told what they have worn on the field is not up to the MLB code of conduct. These players include Ben Zobrist and just today, Willson Contreras. Zobrist for multiple years has worn black spikes that resemble PF Flyers when playing at Wrigley Field and Contreras wore a sleeve that has his native Venezuelan flag symbol. All of the sudden it is a problem and MLB is imposing rules on the both of them instructing them not to wear either offending object.

The team has no idea why all of the sudden it is a problem.

Ben Zobrist even shared a long Instagram post expressing his confusion and irritation on the matter. None of these things are offensive, discriminatory, age-restricted, or performance-enhancing articles of clothing. One is a sleeve with a flag and another is a black shoe - that is it. The team is ready to take matters into their own hands.

Confusion and irritation

Zobrist's long message, on Instagram, got immediate support from fans and organizations around him. The post currently has 47K likes. Even the official PF Flyer Twitter account supported Zobrist after his Instagram post was Tweeted out.

According to Patrick Mooney of The Athletic, Zobrist plans to talk directly to Joe Torre on the matter and honestly ask him why this is such a violation that he needs to be fined for wearing black shoes. What he wants first and foremost is an honest answer as to why, which is something a lot of people would like to know. Ben Zobrist has always had a calm demeanor and has never seemed aggressive, so him taking matters into his own hands and calling out the league shows how ridiculous this is to him.

According to NBC Sports Chicago, Willson Contreras today was forbidden to wear his sleeve and more people spoke up on this issue. Cubs manager Joe Maddon talked on the Bernstein & McKnight show on 670 the Score and said he is clueless as to why there is a sudden issue with their uniforms. He supports his team expressing themselves all the way and understands the frustration.

"I just know that Zo [Ben Zobrist] is going to have strong opinions," Maddon said. "I want all of my guys to have strong opinions. There is nothing but pure intentions on his part."

Making sense of it

It is understandable that uniforms have to hold some standards.

Anything potentially offensive or something that gives a player an advantage that is outside the rules is something that should be enforced. However, these "violations" pose no harm or advantage to Zobrist or Contreras. The Venezuelan flag is incredibly important to Contreras, his support of his native land not only motivates him but is influential to people there. Baseball is huge in that part of the world and they look up to star baseball players like Contreras. It has to be hard for him not to be able to show pride in his home country.

Zobrist has shared his love for old-school baseball with is black spikes. Since the Cubs play at such a historic stadium, he wore them there to pay homage to all the greats that played there like Stan Musial and Mr.

Cub, Ernie Banks. Some may see it as corny, but again what harm does it pose? Does MLB really have to take time and enforce what color one's shoes have to be? It obviously means a lot to Ben Zobrist to wear these shoes because he feels a personal connection with them, even if that seems silly to some people.

It would be nice to get a straight answer from the MLB on these matters.