The Dallas Cowboys are no strangers to controversy. The latest incident involves their longest-tenured wide receiver Terrance Williams, who was arrested on Saturday morning in Frisco, Texas, a suburb in the DFW area. According to police reports, Williams was arrested following an accident where he wrecked his 2017 blue Lamborghini. The police found his car after they claimed it hit a light pole. Williams was later arrested when he was driving back to the wrecked car on an electric bicycle. Police arrested Williams for public intoxication, although Williams said that he was never given any sort of breathalyzer test.

Terrance Williams story

According to Terrance Williams, the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver was driving home when he said someone pulled in front of him. Williams drove into the center median. He said the two exchanged insurance information and then Williams couldn’t get his car to restart. He called a neighbor who drove him to his house, where he said that he called a tow truck. He then got onto his electronic bicycle and started to drive back when a police officer saw him and arrested him for public intoxication.

The police report indicates that Williams hit a light pole, but his attorney said that there wasn’t even a light pole anywhere near the stranded car. Williams was also not given a sobriety test before the officer arrested him.

Williams apologized for the incident and asked if there was a better way he could have handled the situation after his car wouldn’t start again. His attorney then said that they would hopefully be vindicated when the case is investigated further.

Williams and the Dallas Cowboys

With the Dallas Cowboys releasing Dez Bryant this offseason, there was hope that Terrance Williams could step up.

When Bryant missed playing time in the past due to injuries, Williams was never able to prove to be a number one receiver, but the Cowboys also signed Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson and drafted NFL free agents Michael Gallup to join Williams and Cole Beasley in the receiver corps. Dallas also needs to replace the lost production following the retirement of Jason Witten.

Terrance Williams re-signed a new contract with the Dallas Cowboys before the 2017 NFL season, a four-year $17 million deal that is reasonable compared to other receivers around the NFL. His $3.5 million base salary for 2018 is completely guaranteed. However, Williams is rehabbing from surgery to repair a broken foot and Dallas hoped to have him back in time for their organized team activities next week.

When contacted by the press, the Dallas Cowboys said that they were aware of the arrest and that they are waiting to hear more before coming to a decision on any punishment from the team. While Terrance Williams’ attorney said there was no light pole in the vicinity of his car, the police claim that there was over $200 in damage to a struck pole, which is a Class B misdemeanor if found guilty. Williams was released with a $369 bond.