When police in the DFW area arrested Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams last week for public intoxication, the only comments the press received were from a statement penned by Williams. In that statement, the Cowboys receiver claimed he had a car cut him off and he ended up stranded in the median. He said they traded contact and insurance information and he called for a ride home. He then said he called for a tow truck and got on a motorized bike to meet the tow truck there when the police arrested him for no reason without even using a sobriety test.

It now turns out that there was more to it than that and Williams story started to change.

Williams blames an ex-teammate

The original story was that Terrance Williams had someone cut him off and he got a ride home. However, now word came that the Dallas Cowboys wide receiver tried to tell police the person to blame was his former Baylor Bears teammate Kendall Wright. Williams said that Wright was responsible for the accident with Williams’ Lamborghini. The car allegedly crashed into a light pole, although Williams attorney earlier claimed there was no light pole anywhere near the car.

After Terrance Williams explained in his statement that he was driving the Lamborghini when the other car cut him off, he told police a very different story.

Williams claimed to the police that he was at home and Wright was using the Lamborghini to go to a club. Wright plays for the Minnesota Vikings now and the team’s GM said that he spoke to the receiver and was assured that he was not there and there is no truth to the story at all.

Police explain why they arrested Williams

Terrance Williams also said that after he got a ride back home after the accident, he called a tow truck and got on his motorized bike to meet the truck at his Lamborghini.

He said a police officer he has seen before pulled him over and arrested him for public intoxication with no provocation and no sobriety test. The Dallas Cowboys receiver had that story torn apart by the Frisco police department.

According to the officer who arrested him, he found the Lamborghini crashed into a light pole and then went to find Williams.

The gate attendant admitted that Williams arrived in another car 10 to 15 minutes before the police showed up, which discredits his story about being at home while Kendall Wright drove his car. The police officer then saw Williams on his electric bicycle swerving from side-to-side. The officer then said Williams’ bike stopped and the Dallas Cowboys receiver fell over the handlebars.

The officer said that Terrance Williams had bloodshot eyes, his speech was slurred, and he smelled of alcohol. Williams also had the keys to the Lamborghini in his pocket. The Dallas Cowboys and NFL are both watching the investigation and neither have any comments on it until more information surfaces.