While it's not always sunny in Philadelphia when it comes to sports, Philly fans are experiencing a nice stretch of weather now. The Eagles are coming off a Super Bowl win, the 76ers are perhaps the most interesting team in the NBA playoffs, the Flyers are in the NHL playoffs and even the Phillies have a chance to see post-season play. Philadelphia sports fans could be entering a golden age. Here's a look ahead.

The Eagles look to continue to nest in the playoffs

The Eagles won the 2017 Super Bowl without their franchise player Carson Wentz. It turns out Nick Foles is a pretty good quarterback too.

The Eagles look to be in a position to contend for years to come. Carson Wentz is an MVP-caliber player and Nick Foles threw 27 touchdowns against only two interceptions in 2013. While those numbers aren't likely to be replicated by Foles, he is a good NFL quarterback. The Eagles have the best depth at quarterback of NFL team. Plus, they're solid across the board in every other area. Eagles fans have reason to look forward to the 2018 season.

Is the process nearing completion?

The Process has finally yielded impressive results. The 76ers are currently up three games to one on the Miami Heat in the first round of the NBA playoffs. The 76ers figure to polish off the Heat and go onto the second round of the playoffs with confidence.

While attention has been given, and rightfully so, to young stars Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, some old guys have also been getting the job done.

Marco Belinelli and JJ Reddick have been adding scoring, combining for 37 points per game thus far. Ben Simmons has continued his great all-around play, and Embiid is back and is a real difference maker for the Sixers.

I like them as much as the Cavs to go to the NBA finals.

The Phillies are coming up fast on the outside

When Jake Arrieta signed with the Phillies, it didn't look like they were ready to contend. It turns out, they may be ready after all. With Aaron Nola and Jake Arrieta at the front of the rotation, they can match up against the best two of almost any other top two in the NL.

It looks like the Phillies young hitters might be ready to be a force, also. Left fielder, Rhys Hoskins, looks to be the real deal as a hitter. Center fielder Odubel Herrera continues to improve and other young guys such as Scott Kingery and underrated second baseman Cesar Hernandez are also contributing and will get better.

Keep in mind, if the Phillies are in contention this summer, they also have the resources to get whatever trade deadline help they may need.

Can they go the distance?

The Flyers haven't had any consistent success in the playoffs for some time now. Still, even being down three games to two against the Penguins in the first round of the NHL playoffs, they have a puncher's chance. In the hometown of Rocky Balboa, that may be enough.