Recently free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick held a workout on a private field in Houston, Texas, where he is currently based due to his collusion case against the NFL. According to Charles Robinson of Yahoo! Sports, Kaepernick was with his trainers during the workout, but visibly absent were representatives from NFL teams. Robinson said he’s not aware if the Houston Texans knew about Kaepernick’s workout, but he reported that no NFL representative was present during the training. Earlier, Kaepernick told journalist Shaun King that he’s keeping himself in playing shape in case a team calls.

Josh Hidalgo, head of sports performance at The Sports Center NYC, posted Kaepernick’s workout video on Instagram, with the caption “I've been training @kaepernick7 everyday and to say he's dedicated is an understatement.” According to Hidalgo, Kaepernick hits the gym each day and puts in work, adding that the quarterback hasn’t stopped throwing, training, and preparing since January of 2017. No NFL team has expressed interest in Kaepernick since he opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers in March 2017 due to his kneeling during the national anthem. During the 2017 NFL season, Kaepernick sued the NFL, alleging that team owners colluded to keep him out of the league.

Manziel eyeing NFL return

Like Kaepernick, former Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel is trying to work his way back into the league after two disappointing seasons with the Cleveland Browns. However, despite the negative image that he imprinted on his NFL career due to his off-field troubles, 13 teams sent their scouts to the University of San Diego’s Pro Day, where Manziel threw to the school’s receivers.

Alex Reimer of called the scenario ridiculous, saying Kaepernick has more accomplishments as a starting quarterback, compared to Manziel, who was a first-round bust with the Browns. Reimer said it’s “unfathomable that any NFL team would consider Manziel a better bet than Kaepernick at this point.” Also, Reimer said Kaepernick has proved that he can perform at a high level when he steered the 49ers to the NFC championship, but Manziel has proven nothing in the professional ranks.

Manziel lauds Kaepernick

Showing that he understands the difference between him and Kaepernick, Manziel posted a series of tweets, saying he's sick of the comparisons with the former 49ers quarterback. Manziel said Kaepernick "is doing amazing things right now, changing lives and donating millions of dollars," while "his impact off the field from a societal standpoint is legendary and straight admirable." Also, Manziel claimed that Kaepernick remains unemployed because of non-football issues, but he believes that he has enough left in the tank. Manziel also said that Kaepernick has always been good to him, saying: “I appreciate that.” Manziel ended his tweets with “All the best in your journey my friend wherever that takes you.”