The Seattle Mariners have reportedly agreed to terms on a one-year contract with Ichiro Suzuki. Beat writer Ryan Divish stated that it is already getting reported in Japan and several MLB writers have been talking about it all day Monday (March 5). Now, it seems like the details are in place for Ichiro to finally have his return to the Mariners.

There has been a mix of reactions on social media. It’s very similar to when James Paxton was linked to the New York Yankees in trade rumors. Some fans feel the team is good enough to compete right now, while some think that the front office is compounding mistakes with new miscues.

So what exactly are the Seattle Mariners doing here?

Why it is a good move for the Mariners to sign Ichiro

Three of the four primary outfielders for the Seattle Mariners are injured. Mitch Haniger has an injured hand, Guillermo Heredia is trying to heal, and Ben Gamel was placed on the disabled list. Gamel may not play a game until late May now. It means that only Dee Gordon is healthy in the outfield. So why is it a good move for the Mariners to sign Ichiro Suzuki? It’s because of Dee Gordon.

Ichiro is not going to steal 60 bases. Ichiro is not going to hit .300. Ichiro is way past his prime. Ichiro is also too old to play every day. That’s a lot of negativity for one player, but there are some hidden benefits to bringing him on the team.

Gordon-Ichiro reunion

Dee Gordon and Ichiro Suzuki know each other very well. They played as teammates with the Miami Marlins for three years. Gordon is about to try to play outfield for the first time in his career. He will play half his games at Safeco Field, where Ichiro Suzuki made a name for himself over nearly 12 years.

When it comes to players who are familiar with the outfield at Safeco Field, nobody is more qualified than Ichiro Suzuki. He can show Gordon the ins and outs of the stadium, he can provide a unique perspective as a former teammate, and he brings a work ethic that all players should model. Could someone who works as hard as Ichiro be a huge benefit to the entire roster?

It’s certainly possible.

As Seattle Mariners fans try to recover from Edgar Martinez getting locked out of Cooperstown again, maybe the signing of Ichiro Suzuki will put more people in the stands. That’s not a bad thing. Having more fans can help with the energy level of the team and at the stadium and then maybe good things will follow. At this point, why not take a chance, as anything is better than standing still and missing the postseason again.