The Johnny Manziel comeback tour appears to be in full swing. After throwing in front of scouts at San Diego State, the former Heisman Trophy winner is returning to his Alma mater in order to try to impress scouts a second time. While San Diego State had a smaller crowd due to the fact that they didn't have as many pro prospects, scouts from all 32 NFL teams will be at the Texas A&M Pro Day. Manziel will be throwing to receiver Christian Kirk (potential first-round pick) among others. Reports by revealed most of the information used in this article.

Mainzel has not played in the NFL since the Cleveland Browns cut him in 2016. During his time with the Browns, Manziel threw for 1,675 yards, seven touchdowns, and seven interceptions while starting eight games. He also rushed for another 230 yards and added a rushing touchdown to that total. He wasn't dominant during his time with the Browns and was much more of a headache than an asset for them. He has been very forthright about the things he dealt with during his time in the league. He was battling Bipolar Disorder and Alcoholism during his time in the NFL, which led to some of the antics he was known for. On top of that, as a former Heisman trophy winner and a first-round pick, Mainzel was always seen as someone that had the potential to play well in the league so a second chance may be coming.

Other prospects to watch

While Manziel is obviously the headliner, the Texas A&M pro day will not be lacking in NFL talent, they have five players with the potential to make the league and all of them will hope to show scouts what they can do on Tuesday (March 27). Christian Kirk is probably the most well-known of these prospects.

At the Combine, he measured in at 5'10" 200 lbs and ran a 4.47 40. The speedy receiver projects as a slot guy in the NFL and could go anywhere from the late first to early third-round. A lesser-known player for A&M is Armani Watts. While he elected not run at the Combine, he was a playmaker his entire college career. During his time at A&M, he racked up 10 interceptions, 24 tackles for loss, seven forced fumbles, five recovered fumbles, and 17 passes defended.

The 5'11"205-pound safety will have to run at his pro day to show scouts the type of athleticism he has but should be able to be drafted on Day 2 of the 2018 NFL Draft.

The rest of the group

The other three prospects are all likely late round guys or undrafted free agents, but it would not be surprising to see any of them make a roster. Zaycoven Henderson is a short but not undersized defensive tackle, Keith Ford has the size to be an NFL running back but must show he can produce, and unfortunately for Shane Trippucka, teams don't place much of a value on punters. These players will likely have to scrap, but all have the potential to stick around in the league for a while.