The NFL's Free Agent legal tampering window opened on March 12. This period of time between the start of the tampering window and the first day of Free Agency allows other NFL organizations to contact players and their agents about broad contract terms. Free agency officially started on March 14.

This window not only gives players, agents, and teams to receive a head start talking contract numbers, but it also allows NFL insiders to let the public in on what to expect come the first day of free agency. Players such as Kirk Cousins wants to give fans their own insider perspective to the free agency process.

Cousins wants the fans to see his free agent journey

Fans have what can be considered a slight knowledge that players looking for their big deal are not always going to find the cleanest route to that contract. Having a film crew involved in the process is certainly a way to give football fans an insight into the process.

Cousins is reportedly having a video crew chronicle his action's while seeking out his future contract.

According to an ESPN report, this documentary would give us a behind-the-scenes look at Cousins making the decision of where he would next play. It would also incorporate parts of his home life. This including his offseason workouts, living with his in-laws, as well as life as a new father.

"We are opening up our home to allow a behind-the-scenes look into what really transpires before the contract number scrolls across the bottom line of ESPN," Cousins told ESPN's Adam Schefter.

This type of documentation is similar to Tom Brady's recent release of Tom vs Time, Brady's docuseries that aired on Facebook Watch starting in January 2018.

At this time, it is unknown at this point in time whether Cousins will choose to sell this to a sports network like ESPN, or choose to release the video on social media or even his own website.

However, what is important to Cousins and his family right now is that he gets settled in Minnesota to focus on bringing the Vikings their first Lombardi Trophy.

Kirk Cousins accepts a lucrative contract

On the first day of free agency, it was expected that Cousins, former Washington Redskins quarterback, was to sign a deal that will make him one of the highest paid players in the NFL. On Wednesday, day one of free agency, Cousins did what was expected. It was announced that Cousins had signed a contract to become a Minnesota Viking. A contract that will make him the highest paid player in the NFL, right now, Cousins' contract is a 3-year, $84 million contract that has the potential to become worth $90 million. Not to mention it is a fully guaranteed contract.

At Cousins press conference officially introducing him as a member of the Minnesota Vikings, he said, "It came down to my desire to win football games."

For Cousins, Minnesota was his best chance at handling the Lombardi Trophy sometime in the next three years.