If you don't know who the Irish phenom is, stay out of Ireland. As not only a record breaking athlete, Kelly Gallagher is making waves among the community, inspiring young girls around the world to follow their dreams and shoot for the stars.

Who is Kelly Gallagher?

Kelly Gallagher, 32, is the first athlete from Northern Ireland to compete in the Winter Paralympics. She is a world-class skier with more than a decade in the sport. Her accomplishments within the sport are incredible, and if you're not familiar, you'll probably be doing your own research on Gallagher after you finish reading this.

As a visually impaired athlete, Gallagher refused to ever let that keep her stationary. She won her first gold medal at the 2009 New Zealand Winter Games, this was her first ever international race and she took first. A year later, Gallagher was chosen to be on the British team for the 2010 Winter Paralympics. Gallagher broke another record by achieving the British team's highest finish.

Following the games, Gallagher found a new sighted guide to work with toward the 2014 Paralympics in Russia. During their time together, Gallagher took home a silver and bronze medal at the IPC World Championships, the first British athlete to ever win a medal at the Championship.

When the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia rolled around, Gallagher became the first British athlete to ever win gold, having come in first in the competition.

2018 Winter Paralympics

Now that you're a little more familiar with Kelly Gallagher, all thoughts draw toward the closing of the Olympic Games and the opening of the Paralympics, and Gallagher has her eyes on gold. Gallagher is no stranger to injuries, and over the decade spanning her career, she hasn't had the easiest road, but she weathered through the bumps and potholes, and is ready to compete in the 2018 Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Gallagher's place on the team with her teammates, Menna Fitzpatrick, and 19-year-old Millie Knight, was only confirmed last month, but all three women are ready to show everyone what they've been working so hard on. Gallagher is excited about how Paralympic sports are developing. She is motivated by Knight and how, instead of having blind individuals who are in their 30's, there are young kids who have been skiing since they were three.

Gallagher is also confident that she and her teammates will solidify their respective spots on the podium.

Gallagher's dream is to inspire and be a role model for younger girls out there that have a visual impairment. She wants them to know that no matter what their passion is, they can get out there and get after it just like she has. Gallagher and her teammates are not only making history, but are surely inspiring the next generation of young girls to stand up and say, "I can do it too."