On February 11, 2018, the Cavaliers played against the Boston Celtics. In the first quarter, we saw a good game from both teams and nobody had a serious lead. But from the middle of the second quarter, Cleveland exploded and made a 12 point lead in 5 minutes. New Cleveland recruits from the bench showed their skills and absolutely dominated on the floor. In the second half, Boston Celtics were completely helpless and they missed almost every shot.

From the early beginning of the second half Cavs started to stuff Celtics’ net, and at the end of the third quarter, they sunk every hope for the Boston.

Convincingly the most deserving for the 21 point lead was LeBron, the game leader in all stats. The former MVP scored 24 points easily with some deep three-pointers, he also got 10 assists and eight rebounds. Young rookie Cedi Osman from Turkey had the most minutes to show off in this game, and he didn’t disappoint us with his hustling ability. In 29 minutes on the court, he scored 12 points, five rebounds, and one assist. JR Smith, the 13-year NBA veteran made some beautiful shots and posterized Aron Baynes.

What does Lebron James say about his new teammates?

It looks like the new era is starting in Cleveland, after the horrible start to the season. LeBron showed us his joy and he is very happy with his team now.

He feels that guys have already been there and he is impressed with George Hill’s on-ball pressure and Jordan Clarkson’s scoring ability. This young guard played his first game as a Cavalier and showed us that he is able to make his own shoots and score from any situation. LeBron supplied him with assists and Clarkson really made the most of it with his 75 three-point percentage.

Rodney Hood, the point guard from Utah did a great job, he scored 15 points in 18 minutes and caught three rebounds. The King is very satisfied with Larry Nance’s pick-and-roll plays and dunks as well as their intensive defense. He believes that team is going back to the path and that this is the good start. At the end of the day he just likes to be around guys who want to play and work hard, he added.

What is Cleveland’s future?

The great victory like this one is a great morale booster for this young team. In fact, Boston is currently the second-seeded team in the east, just above the Cavs. We can rightfully claim that Cavaliers are rushing to first place and as we know from the past seasons, they could be heading to the finals. You can read more about Boston Celtics' defeat against Pacers, here.