When the NFL's Free Agency period opens for business on March 14, there will be plenty of teams vying for the services of many talented players that will be available. While players like Drew Brees and Le'Veon Bell are expected to stay with their current teams, there are many who could be in new places come summertime.

There will inevitably be a few big names added to the free agent pool when teams make roster cuts prior to March 14. Here we will focus on players out there who will be playing with a new team in 2018.

Kirk Cousins

Washington's trade for Alex Smith all but sealed Kirk Cousins' fate.

After playing under the franchise tag for two seasons, Cousins will be playing with a new team in 2018. Washington's reluctance to sign Cousins to a long-term deal is baffling, considering they traded for a player who is four years older then proceeded to sign Smith to a $94 million extension. Now that the awkward dance between Cousins and the Redskins is over, Captain Kirk will have no shortage of suitors, including Cleveland's Joe Thomas.It is very rare for a young quarterback in his prime to hit the open market. Expect the Broncos, Jets, Cardinals, and Browns to be the strongest candidates for Cousins.

Malcolm Butler

The last image of Malcolm Butler in a Patriots uniform that we may see is him glued to the sidelines in Super Bowl LII, helmet on and seemingly ready to play.

In an interview with ESPN's Mike Reiss after the game, Butler said "They gave up on me... I could have changed that game." The souring of his relationship with the Patriots will lead him to find work elsewhere. Despite having a down season, Pro Football Focus ranked Butler as the 92nd best cornerback in the NFL, Butler will find work on a cornerback-needy team.

He could follow Matt Patricia to Detroit or follow the money to a team like Cleveland or San Francisco.

Jarvis Landry

Only Julio Jones and Antonio Brown have more catches than Jarvis Landry since he entered the league in 2014. Landry led the NFL with 112 receptions, but his volatile personality and questionable effort at times have given the Dolphins reason to pause.

In addition, Landry wants to be paid like a top receiver while the Dolphins want to pay him like a top slot receiver. With the two sides airing their dirty laundry, it is looking more likely that Landry will play elsewhere and it may be whoever can offer him the most cash.

Jimmy Graham

From 2011-2014, Jimmy Graham was one of the best tight ends in football, averaging 87 receptions and twice eclipsing 1,200 yards. After three mediocre years in Seattle, it appears Graham is ready to move on. According to Seahawks reporter Bob Condotta, he considered it "really unlikely" that Graham stays in Seattle. The Seahawks never properly utilized him and at age 31 it is reasonable to think that he has a few good years left in him.

Although he has never been a blocker, Graham can elevate a team in the passing game and serve as a safety blanket for a young quarterback. A team like Green Bay could be in play for Graham's services, giving Aaron Rodgers another weapon. The Bears, with new head coach Matt Nagy, could use a talent like Graham to help Mitchell Trubisky's development.

AJ McCarron

AJ McCarron was a late entry in the free agent pool, but after winning his grievance against the Bengals, he will be a free agent for the first time in his young career.

McCarron has been Andy Dalton's backup for four years, playing in a total of 11 games including one playoff game (a loss to the Steelers). Many teams are intrigued by McCarron's potential. The Browns actually tried to trade for McCarron during the season, but in classic Browns fashion the deal fell through due to Cleveland's former VP Sashi Brown failed to submit the paperwork in time. That botched trade has allowed McCarron to hit the free agent market, where teams in need of a quarterback will come calling.