The Red Sox and slugger Jd Martinez reportedly agreed to a five-year, $110 million deal on Monday. Martinez (30) had hit a career-high 45 home runs and 1.066 OPS in 2017 with the Tigers and Diamondbacks. The Red Sox got a perfect DH to fill in after losing David Ortiz to retirement after the 2016 season. Martinez had reported to Red Sox camp on Wednesday for a physical and it seemed like an official announcement was coming.

As of right now, no announcement has been made. It is a little odd and it makes some people, especially Red Sox supporters, worry about it.

Bob Nightengale even reported, this morning, that it seemed strange that the deal has not been made official despite rumblings that it would happen yesterday. People may be concerned that the deal might not go through or he, otherwise, failed his physical. There are some things to evaluate when looking at the situation.

What is the likely cause?

Drawing conclusions about a deal not going through is something one may be compelled to do, but there is no real evidence of that being the case. According to Scott Lauber of ESPN, Martinez was still in the process of taking his physical and being evaluated the last time they checked in with him.

This was yesterday evening. Lauber quoted Red Sox president Dave Dombrowski who said, "All I can say is that he continues to take his physical." So it seems like the process is just taking longer than expected.

The fear of a failed physical would seem a bit more feasible right now than a deal falling through, and even that seems unlikely.

Boston Globe reporter Pete Abraham even confirmed, on Twitter, that it was the physical holding him up as it was not yet complete. It is really hard to see a deal possibly falling through while a physical is currently underway. Even NBC Boston's Even Drellich pointed out, on Twitter, that past Red Sox signings have taken some time to complete and this is nothing to really worry about.

When will it get done?

Overall, Red Sox fans should just hold tight. This will likely get done very soon. It may just take some time if they need to do some further evaluations in order to complete the physical, which happens.

With spring training games starting today in the MLB, the Red Sox will try to get it official as quickly as possible. The contract seems all laid out and once Martinez's physical is completed, they will have it all official.

Inevitably, rumors are going to be spread by non-verified and/or unqualified people on social media, but this information is all from verified sources. Seems like neither Dombrowski or anyone covering the Sox is showing any signs of concern, which is a good thing.