The Tampa Bay Rays are beginning to do what their fellow Miami neighbors are doing, selling off the team. This offseason has seen the Rays trade away franchise cornerstone Evan Longoria, Jake Odorizzi and Steven Souza Jr. With Alex Cobb likely to take a deal elsewhere, the team clearly does not see them as competitors in 2018 and could very likely sell off more assets.

Pitcher Chris Archer is the biggest remaining name. The 29-year old righty has been rumored in trade talks for a number of years in offseasons and trade deadlines, but the Rays have not budged.

Last year seemed like it was finally the year they'd sell him, but the Rays surprised many people with a respectable (in terms of what they were expected to do) 80-82 record. Now that they are selling off, maybe this is the year he gets dealt in a blockbuster deal.

Archer's situation

Chris Archer has been a staple in the Rays' rotation the past five years and currently has a team-friendly deal. Archer is a career 3.63 ERA pitcher with a 1.214 WHIP, 3.46 Fielding Independent Pitching and 1,044 strikeouts in 162 games. Other honors include being named to the All Star game in 2015 and 2017. He has proven durable, as he has gone 200+ innings the past three years and 190+ the past four. Just looking at last year, Archer pitched in 201.0 innings and struck out 249 batters while posting a 3.40 FIP (which makes the 4.07 ERA deceiving).

In his prime years now, he is a valuable piece for a contending rotation.

As previously mentioned, he has a very friendly contract. In 2018 he will make $6,416,667 and is under control through 2019 with a team option in 2020 and 2021. A trade for Archer would give a team a controllable pitcher in his prime. The only question is what will the Rays be asking for?

While the returns for other Rays assets have not been incredibly overwhelming, this is one that will merit a "king's ransom" type deal. Multiple top-tier prospects and/or young MLB-ready guys would be required. Compare this to the recent Chris Sale/Red Sox or the Jose Quintana/Cubs deals. It would likely be in those ballparks.

When could a deal possibly happen? Who knows? The Rays may likely be trying to shop closer Alex Colome, which seems easier to do before Archer. Right now it seems that Archer would be a trade deadline deal, nothing set in stone, but no rumblings of a deal or major suitor appear close right now. The Rays will need an offer they cannot refuse.

Players unhappy with situation

After the latest trades, some remaining Rays players have expressed frustration. Similarly to Marlins players. ESPN quoted current Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier as saying, "100 percent frustrated and very upset with the moves, no beating around the bush." He added that he did not understand what selling off valuable teammates for the return would do for them.

He was not the only one upset.

Pitcher Blake Snell took to Twitter and expressed sadness over the recent moves, making his feelings very public. Regardless of the feelings, expect more of this to happen both in Tampa and South Beach.