After a record-breaking four win season, BYU football head coach Kalani Sitake stunned many by dismissing Heisman trophy winner and former NFL Quarterback Ty Detmer from his duties as Offensive Coordinator. Everyone was surprised again when LSU O-line coach Jeff Grimes accepted the job offer on December 6th, to take effect immediately after the Notre Dame-LSU Cirtus Bowl.

Thought by many never to happen, Jeff Grimes's hire shocked many BYU fans and experts who'd were expecting a hire closer to home. With so much pain surrounding BYU football right now, many never expected someone with the caliber of Jeff Grimes to take the job.

Long-shot prospect

BYU has one of the most storied and successful football programs in college football, but for such a school, its hiring pool of potential coaches is small. Privately owned by the Mormon church and adhering to a strict honor code, not many coaches qualify for the job.

When #BYU football legend Ty Detmer was let go, Grimes was concluding his fourth successful season at powerhouse LSU. But as has been the case for many who experience BYU, they can't ever seem to truly leave.

"I'm excited to be here. I'm extremely grateful for the chance to come back and be at the place I love," Grimes said when announced as BYU's new Offensive Coordinator.

Jeff Grimes brings 25 years of experience at many of the most successful football programs in the country.

No one with that amount of experience has ever chosen to coach at the Y.

Crazy? You be the judge

It doesn't seem sane for anyone to sign up to be BYU's offensive coordinator right now. BYU's offense is in the ICU right now, in need of a miracle doctor. After the 2017 season, BYU lost two of its most talented players in QB Taysom Hill and RB Jamaal Williams, BYU's leading offensive players.

The stats speak for themselves: 90th in total passing yards, 105th in rushing yards, and scoring less than ten points in nine games.

To add to the team's woes, 37 players missed playing time due to injury during the season, with many of them still nursing injuries as I write. To round it all off, seven talented quarterbacks will be eligible next year for a spot that has no clear front runner.

Then there's the brutal schedule next season: Arizona, Cal, Wisconsin, Washington, and Utah in the first five weeks. Not many would even pick up a pen to sign on the dotted line, even if your name is Jeff Grimes.

Grimes still did it anyways with a vision of what he wants to see.

"I look at the football field as a battlefield," Grimes said. "You want to force the enemy to defend a very wide front and make them defend the entire width and depth of the field."

Can he do it?

Since taking the job on December 5th, Grimes isn't wasting his first 100 Days. Within two weeks he had already hired most of his staff, including former Utah OC Aaron Roderick, BYU assistant Steve Clark, Weber State OC Fesi Sitake, and Ryan Pugh.

Collectively, these assistant coaches have 84 years of coaching experience behind them.

Grimes will have a lot to work with as well. Most of the seniors and starters went down with injuries early on, allowing a lot of the sophomores and freshman to gain valuable experience. More importantly, head coach Kalani Sitake's job security could depend on whether or not Grimes succeeds in turning around an anemic offense.

Despite all the odds, Grimes is ready.

"The other thing I think I should emphasize is this is not 'me', its going to be 'we'", Grimes said. "...It's going to be coach Sitake....and everyone that is involved in this program. Helping us move forward, score a lot of points, and have a lot of fun."

Miracles do seem to happen regularly with BYU football. Jeff Grimes is shaping up to be one of them. Let's hope he reaches for the stars, and beyond.