WWE Clash of Champions 2017 was a mixed bag of everything from an entertainment standpoint. SmackDown Live’s year-end PPV event delivered countless pulsating spots, especially in that chaotic Fatal Four-Way match for tag-team titles, heavy suspense induced by the stipulation in the Zayn-Owens vs. Orton-Nakamura slugfest, and the feeling of euphoria after AJ Styles’ statement win over Jinder Mahal in probably the final chapter of their WWE championship rivalry.

Then again, not everything was on point Sunday night at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

WWE Clash of Champions was also marred with botches, boring promos, and moments where the crowd suddenly turned dead. It can’t be helped. Even pro-wrestlers falter every now and then.

The Liv Morgan Incident

However, there are instances where clumsiness reached a whole new level. Liv Morgan displayed it in that dreadful lumberjack match between Charlotte Flair and Natalya for the SmackDown women’s championship.

Morgan recently made her main roster debut as 1/3 of the new women’s division stable Riot Squad, which also features Sarah Logan and Ruby Riot. After crashing a SmackDown women’s championship match a few weeks ago, the Riot Squad trio were assigned to become among the lumberjacks for the Charlotte-Natalya rematch at Clash of Champions.

They actually did a decent job inflicting damage on the participants, particularly on baby faced Charlotte. There was just one moment in the match that really rubbed most of the viewers the wrong way. Morgan wasn’t supposed to hit a teammate, and yet she did.

That glorious moment happened when Logan, Riot and the rest of the heel lumberjacks were swarming a helpless Charlotte outside the ring.

Morgan, who appeared to have lost her sense of whereabouts, aimlessly attacked her Riot Squad teammates from behind. The spot was too hilarious, it was an instant hit on social media.

That Alexa Bliss look

It didn’t take long for fans to realize that Liv Morgan was sporting an Alexa Bliss look in her main roster PPV debut.

Any wrestling fans would know that the four-time women’s champion and reigning RAW women’s title holder popularized the Harley Quinn pigtail during her one-year stay on the blue brand.

Morgan, who is already being teased by the WWE universe for copying Carmella’s gimmicks, bravely flaunted her own version of the Harley Quinn pigtail as soon as she came out of the gorilla position. As expected, Chants of ‘Alexa Bliss’ were audibly heard around the arena every time cameras get a close-up look on Morgan. Internet people jumped on the bandwagon as well, calling out Morgan for lacking a unique element in her character..

Meanwhile, WWE COO Triple H lauded the Riot Squad for their WWE main roster debut, encouraging the trio to keep working hard, make an impact and always know where they came from.