If the New England Patriots think that they have an edge over the Pittsburgh Steelers with the acquisition of veteran linebacker James Harrison, they better think again. Some Steelers fans are wary that Harrison might provide the Patriots with intel regarding Pittsburgh’s plays in case they square off in the postseason. Aditi Kinkhabwala of the NFL Network said Harrison might not contribute when it comes to the Steelers’ plays.

According to Kinkhabwala, the Steelers use a number system on their plays and it changes at halftime. Also, the call sheet changes every week.

Kinkhabwala added that no Steelers player is scared about Harrison joining the Patriots. Also, 24/7 Sports reported that Steelers defensive coordinator Keith Butler has more tricks up his sleeve for when they take on the Patriots in the postseason. In their Week 15 clash, the Patriots emerged victorious, 27-24.

Patriots simply want to improve pass-rush

However, Dianna Russini of ESPN reported that the Patriots were simply trying to improve their pass-rushing ability when they signed Harrison to a one-year deal, and that it was not to gain a psychological edge over the Steelers. This season, the Patriots have 38 sacks, compared to the Steelers’ 50. In five games with the Steelers, Harrison played in just 40 snaps, contributing one sack.

Harrison’s impact will be felt if the Patriots face the Kansas City Chiefs in the divisional round of the playoffs. Harrison has an edge over Chiefs left tackle Eric Fisher in their previous face-offs. Harrison tallied the game-sealing sack against Fisher in Pittsburgh's win in Kansas City in Week 6.

Harrison wanted out

According to Steelers center Mike Pouncey, it was Harrison who wanted out and not the other way around.

“He wanted that," Pouncey told reporters Wednesday, per NFL.com, adding that the Steelers should not be criticized for waiving the veteran linebacker. Pouncey challenged Harrison to set the record straight and admit that he was the one who wanted to be released so he could continue his career with another team. Pouncey said Harrison should admit the truth regarding his release.

Harrison will have his chance to clarify things, as he is scheduled to speak with the media on Friday. Harrison left the Steelers as the franchise’s all-time leader in sacks with 80.5 in his 14 years with the team. Harrison also played one year with the Cincinnati Bengals.