After a lucky win for Manchester City against Manchester United on Sunday, December 10, City is flying high and have created their own league. It’s almost a one-horse race now in the Premier League. The league leaders set the record for most wins in a row in the Premier League.

Man City’s manager, Pep Guardiola, and some best emerging players in their squad worked together smoothly to set the winning streak record. The players like Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy Sane, and Raheem Sterling have been doing wonders for their team and have helped the team to achieve unimaginable heights.

As Manchester City is eleven points clear from trailing team, they have left other title contenders high and dry. In fact, everyone enjoys watching Man City’s play, as they play an intolerant and brutal attacking game plan.

But now, the question is, can anyone catch them this season? The answer is, almost impossible. However, Manchester United still has some chances to catch them. United manager, Jose Mourinho can still turn Man United’s fortune around and reach the level of their local rivals by the end of the season.

Here’s a comprehensive analysis of how Manchester United can try catching their noisy neighbors.

Decisive until February

Man Utd doesn’t have any match against a top-6 Premier League team until February.

They will need to beat each and every team on their way until February. From now, the next two months will be very crucial for Jose & Co.

United will play eight Premier League matches in December and January. What they need to do is avoid dropping a single point in these matches. They have to snatch all those 24 points in these matches.

This will not only amp the team’s morale, but it’ll also put pressure on Man City. The league leaders, City, have two big games against Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool in December and January. Both teams are performing well lately and can stop City’s invincibility.

If City drops points against them, then it’ll definitely give Man Utd an advantage and of course, a ray of hope.

Crucial February and March

If Jose wants to lift his first Premier League trophy this season with United, he must conquer every match in February and March. These two months will determine whether United lifts the trophy or not.

United will play eight more matches in Feb and March and some tight matches among them. Tottenham, Huddersfield, Chelsea, and Liverpool will come face to face in these two months. Whereas, Man City won’t have any big match except for Arsenal and Chelsea. Both teams will come back to back against City on February 24 and on March 3.

It’ll be tough for United, but if they manage to grab all three points in these two months then this season could take a new turn.

Last few important matches

If everything goes United’s way, the last few matches will determine the champions of the season. On April 7, both teams will again lock-horns at Etihad Stadium. Except for this one, both teams will play one more tight game; United will play against Arsenal on April 28, while City will play against Tottenham just after United’s game on April 10.

However, it’s almost impossible for any team to catch City. Man Utd can barely win each and every game from now as we’ve assumed in above analysis. However, United has been performing well this season.

It’ll be up to them if they change their defensive game to an attacking one like Man City. Pep has proved this season that attack is the best defense in the Premier League.