Aaron Rodgers came back from his collarbone injury this Sunday (Dec. 17) in an attempt to keep the Green Bay Packers' playoff hopes alive. Rodgers broke his collarbone back on October 15, when Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr tackled him to the ground. While some thought he was potentially done for the year, it all depended on what the Packers were doing season-wise and if he was medically cleared to play.

After improving to 7-6 last week under Brett Hundley, the Packers were still in the hunt and Rodgers was cleared to play. The Panthers defeated the Packers, pushing them to 7-7 and one Falcons win away from being officially eliminated.

With slim chances for Green Bay and Rodgers still not 100 percent, it would be in his best interest for him to be shut down for the rest of the year.

Rodgers' comeback

They hype was in the air as one of football's most talented players returned. The Green Bay Packers under Rodgers have been known to make miracle runs to the playoffs late in the season, and people wondered if he would again "run the table." Once again, the Packers defense struggled, as Cam Newton and his squad put up 31 points, including four Newton touchdown passes. While Rodgers threw three touchdown passes with 290 yards, he threw three interceptions as well. The first time he threw three picks in one game since 2009.

The Packers made it very close at the end, as they were driving in the last minutes until Geronimo Allison fumbled the ball away.

It was a valiant effort from Rodgers who clearly was not 100 percent, but still able to get nearly 300 yards of offense and three touchdowns. There were a number of throws that were under-thrown and did not have the usual zip that he typically puts on the ball. The three picks resulted from that.

Best to shut down

The Packers playoff chances are riding on a lot of teams right now.

FiveThirtyEight predictions currently put Green Bay's playoff odds at less than one percent. It would take going 9-7 with an insane amount of luck with the teams ahead of them losing for them to make it. If the Falcons win on "Monday Night Football" this week, then they are officially gone.

At this rate, it would seem very risky to even keep Rodgers active through the week.

He is one of the top five most important players in the NFL and clearly what has made the Packers successful the past decade. Risking injury in a pretty much lost season would not be smart. Collarbone injuries can be tricky even after being cleared to play, and having it flare up or get re-injured would be a nightmare. If the Packers want to do what is in the best interest of their quarterback, then Brett Hundley will start the final two games of the season.