December 17, 2017 - The Dallas Cowboys improved to 8-6 to keep playoff hopes alive with a last grasp 20-17 win over the Oakland Raiders at the Alameda Coliseum.

Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had an underwhelming performance with two interceptions and no touchdowns but led his team down the field to set up Dan Bailey's game-winning 19-yard field goal late in the fourth quarter.

The Raiders were given a chance to tie or win the game following a 55-yard pass interference call on Dallas cornerback Jourdan Lewis on 4th and 10. After a couple unsuccessful throws to the end zone, it was 3rd and 3 from the eight-yard line.

With nobody open, quarterback Derek Carr took off running for the end zone and as he lunged for the end zone, was hit by Dallas safety Jeff Heath. He fumbled the ball out of the side of the end zone for a Dallas touchback with 30 seconds left to play, which effectively ended the game.

Neither team looked playoff ready

Despite a closely contested game, neither team looked like a playoff-caliber team. Dallas played well in the first half to take a 10-0 lead heading into the break, but their offensive line looked shaky throughout and the defense fell apart for the third and most of the fourth quarter. Derek Carr averaged less than five yards per attempt and only threw for 178 yards on 21 completions.

Combined, they had 205 yards of penalties, with 21 flags thrown in the game. The Raiders also fumbled the ball four times, though they recovered three of them.

Bizarre and unexpected calls

Just past the midway point of the third quarter, Dallas head coach Jason Garrett called for a fake punt on 4th down from their own 24-yard line.

This shocked everyone in attendance, as punter Chris Jones ran the ball through a gap in the right side of the line for 24 yards to keep the drive alive on a call that showed just much the Cowboys are willing to risk to keep their season alive. This would eventually lead to a Prescott touchdown scramble from five yards out to take 17-10 lead.

The controversial moment that will be talked about for weeks came on a 4th and 1 from Dallas' 39-yard line as Prescott tried a quarterback sneak to keep the drive alive. The ball was spotted extremely close to the line to gain; so much so that the officials couldn't tell whether the tip of the ball was actually reaching the end of the chain.

The lead official then pulled out a double folded piece of paper and stuck it in between the first down marker and the ball. The ball moved as the paper bent slightly and it was due to this that he ruled a first down for Dallas that would lead to the game-winning field goal drive.

Looking forward, the Cowboys have to win their final remaining games to keep their playoff hopes alive against Seattle on December 24 before traveling to Philadelphia on New Year's Eve for their season finale.

Oakland plays the Eagles on Christmas Day before traveling to Los Angeles to play the Chargers to close the season.