The Cleveland Cavaliers are on a huge winning streak and they are about to get three of their injured players back in time for the New Year. With that said, Cleveland is always looking for a way to get even better, as they still need to catch up with the Golden State Warriors in terms of bench depth and star power. Cleveland might be deep enough now, when healthy, to beat the Warriors in the NBA Finals this year but there is a name that just popped up in NBA trade rumors that could make Cleveland consider a trade - one that could help both the team and the future Hall of Fame player.

Who is a possibility to join the Cavaliers?

Bleacher Report reported that the Memphis Grizzlies are quickly spiraling out of contention due to a lot of behind-the-scenes problems. Marc Gasol is the face of the Grizzlies franchise and the best player in the team's history. However, he has expressed strong discontent lately.

Part of his problems might have been solved when the Grizzlies fired their head coach, David Fizdale. There is also the case that ESPN reported that Chris Wallace, the Memphis general manager, said that the team has no intentions when it comes to trading Marc Gasol. With that said, things can change.

One big thing that teams around the NBA need to keep an eye on is the ownership situation with the Memphis Grizzlies.

There is an agreement between owner Robert Pera and his minority owners that includes a buy-sell provision. The Athletic reported that it was exercised and someone is buying out someone else. If the owner leaving is the Marc Gasol supporter, he could end up traded.

What will the Cavaliers trade away?

One thing that the Cleveland Cavaliers look like they are doing this year is giving a number of stars a chance to win an NBA title.

This could be Dwyane Wade's last chance at a ring after his tenure in Miami dropped when LeBron James left town and his return home to the Chicago Bulls did not go as planned.

There is also a chance for Derrick Rose, a former NBA MVP, to get his first NBA title. Kevin Love already won his first NBA title thanks to LeBron James.

Marc Gasol has spent his entire career with the Memphis Grizzlies, a team that has never won a division, conference or NBA title. The Cleveland Cavaliers could give him that opportunity.

According to Bleacher Report, there isn't a big deal that the Cleveland Cavaliers would need to put together if the NBA trade rumors for Marc Gasol comes true. The idea is that, if the Cavaliers try to bring in Gasol as a center, they can let Tristan Thompson go in the trade to help Memphis at least try to compete.

The Cleveland Cavaliers could throw in their first-round draft pick that they hold from the Brooklyn Nets, something that could really help the Memphis Grizzlies next season, and possibly Cedi Osman.

The Cavaliers could end up with a starting lineup that includes LeBron James, Kevin Love, Marc Gasol, JR Smith and Isaiah Thomas, making them as good - if not better - than the Golden State Warriors.