On November 19, before a blowout loss to the New England Patriots in Mexico, Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch continued his protest. Lynch sat down for the "Star-Spangled Banner," but stood up for the national anthem of Mexico. The act caught the attention of United States President Donald Trump. In anger, Trump demanded that Lynch must get suspended for the remainder of the 2017 NFL season.

If there are those unhappy with what Marshawn Lynch did, some support him. One of them is an NFL legend who is also in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

In a recent conversation with TMZ, former Los Angeles Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs running back Marcus Allen expressed admiration for Marshawn Lynch. "I respect people that do what they believe with conviction," Allen told TMZ. The one-time Super Bowl winner added that others might disagree with what Lynch is doing. But it is admirable when one "stands up" for his beliefs.

Snoop Dogg backs up Beast Mode

Another prominent person that supports Raiders rusher Marshawn Lynch is Snoop Dogg. In a short clip included by TMZ in one of its reports, Snoop went on a tirade. Snoop cursed Donald Trump plenty of times in the video. The rap icon asked when Trump is going to get suspended for the "goofy s***" he is doing every day.

Snoop then pledged support to Marshawn Lynch and LaVar Ball. Aside from the Raiders running back, Trump is also engaged in a feud with the outspoken head of the Ball Family. Trump is displeased after Ball downplayed his role in the release of UCLA's LiAngelo Ball. In a tweet, Trump stated that he should have left LiAngelo and his fellow UCLA rookies in jail because of the elder Ball's ungratefulness.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders denied this in a press conference. Sanders explained that if Trump meant what he said, then he should not have exerted effort to get them out of China.

Unlikely ban

Donald Trump requested for it, but the NFL will unlikely suspend Marshawn Lynch of the Raiders. The league is going to let him get away with it, similar to many other players that followed Colin Kaepernick's lead and protested this season.

Kaepernick started it all in the 2016 season when he kneeled during the national anthem. Unfortunately for the former San Francisco 49ers franchise quarterback, his actions led to unemployment. Kaepernick remains an unrestricted free agent with no team willing to sign him to a contract.