Cleveland Cavaliers’ lackluster performance barely four weeks into the season has brought them into the spotlight. With their rebounding weakness being hounded and pounded by opposing teams every game night, fans are asking how long before they settle this issue with a trade.

A number of names have already surfaced as a potential target for the Cavaliers. Some of the names include DeMarcus Cousins of the New Orleans Pelicans, Greg Monroe of the Phoenix Suns, Jahlil Okafor of the Philadelphia 76ers, and Nerlens Noel of the Dallas Mavericks.

Two things though.

First, all these names have only a few months left on their contract which means they can sign anywhere next summer. Because of this, the next question is – is the Cavaliers willing to part ways with their asset/s without the assurance of getting a long-term relationship in return?

Can Cavs get Boogie?

Among the four names mentioned, DeMarcus Cousins has a resounding clamor from the Cleveland Cavaliers fans. The explanation is quite simple – he leads the league in terms of Real Plus-Minus (7.56) and RPM Wins (3.43), and in both Offensive (4.43) and Defensive (3.13) RPMs.

This is also the main problem – the Pelicans will not release Boogie unless there’s a compelling reason to trade him away. Perhaps include the Cavaliers’ first-round pick from Brooklyn Nets would change the Pelicans front office’s minds.


According to latest trade reports (and rumors), Greg Monroe is said to be the top choice for a trade, should the Cleveland Cavaliers pushes through. However, his $17.1 million contract is the most questionable factor for the trade to happen.

The Chicago Bulls and Atlanta Hawks are the top two teams likely to acquire Jahlil Okafor.

After DeMarcus Cousins, Okafor is the next best option among the four even though his averages this season are not attractive. Nerlens Noel is currently not on the radar of the Cleveland Cavaliers. But remember, the Cavaliers wanted to bring him in last season as backup center when Chris Andersen got injured.

Possible trade scenario

According to SB Nation, the Cavaliers also have 3-point shooting problems. Last season, the Cavaliers led the league in 3-point field goal percentage; this season, they are currently sitting at 19th place. If they plan to solve this problem in addition to bringing a big man, they can talk to Mark Cuban and discuss the terms of getting Wesley Matthews and Nerlens Noel, as suggested on King James Gospel.

With Nerlens Noel still looking to find the perfect home, he might find Cleveland an attractive place to start. Given proper guidance and veteran teammates, Noel soon could find himself dominating the rebound department, like what he did during his rookie and sophomore years.

Meanwhile, Matthews’ outside shooting consistency is a perfect complement to Kevin Love. But once Isaiah Thomas arrives this January, the Cleveland Cavaliers could have a deadly 1-2 guard combination who both owns high shooting percentage from beyond the arc.

Who will be the replacement for these two prolific NBA players without giving out their 2018 first round draft pick from Brooklyn Nets? With the Dallas Mavericks looking to rebuild their organization, Jae Crowder could start the ball rolling, and then include Iman Shumpert and Ante Zizic.