Cleveland Cavaliers center Tristan Thompson is currently on the sideline because of a strained left calf. However, this did not stop him from enjoying the Cavaliers' 119-109 victory over the Brooklyn Nets on November 22.

Thompson celebrated the win in a nightclub together with Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Jae Crowder. Another prominent person joining them was a rapper that dated Kylie Jenner in the past, PartyNextDoor.

TMZ provided a short video of Thompson's time in the club. The Cavaliers big man had a quick rap performance before he partied with Crowder, Kylie's ex, and their friends.

In a story by Complex in October of 2016, Kylie Jenner spoke about the dating rumors involving her and PartyNextDoor. The two worked together after Kylie ended her relationship with Tyga. Kylie appeared in the music video for PartyNextDoor's single "Come and See Me." "Me and Party have a cool relationship. I think he’s so talented and I love his music. But I wouldn’t say we dated," the reality TV star told Complex.

Undetermined return

Tristan Thompson can continue partying each time the Cleveland Cavaliers win because as of the moment, it remains unknown when he can return to action. Earlier this November, Thompson was diagnosed with the calf injury and was expected to be out for 3-4 weeks.

At first, Thompson's injury appeared a discouraging setback for the Cavaliers due to the way they started the season (5-7).

But now, the Cavs have adapted. In the absence of the 26-year-old, they relied on the likes of Kevin Love, Jeff Green, and Jae Crowder. The veteran Channing Frye, who was projected to be a mainstay on the bench this season, is also helping the Cavaliers fill the void.

Winning ways

The Cleveland Cavaliers began this season at 5-7, during that stretch many were already counting them out.

In those 12 games, they failed to stay consistent and did not look like the squad that made it to three straight NBA Finals. Now things have changed drastically. The Cavaliers have survived early chemistry issues and injuries to win six consecutive outings.

In that winning streak, the Cavaliers have defeated Eastern Conference squads viewed as potential playoff contenders like the New York Knicks and the Detroit Pistons.

They managed to capture wins despite having troubles with their lineup mainly due to health issues. Aside from Tristan Thompson, other Cavaliers players who are out due to injuries are Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose, and Iman Shumpert.