The past few years there have been particular phrases that the Green Bay Packers have been reciting because of Aaron Rodgers. In 2015, after having a rocky start of the season, Rodgers told everyone, “R-E-L-A-X”. The saying became a national hit, as even Al Michaels on Sunday Night Football quoted Rodgers for his inspiring catchphrase. In 2016, Rodgers hit Green Bay in the heart by telling everyone, “I think we can run the table” while standing at a 4-6 record. The Packers did exactly as Rodgers promised, winning out the next ten games until losing to Atlanta in the NFC Championship game.

Last week Brett Hundley coined himself a catchphrase while in a post-game interview. “Ride the wave” is what Green Bay fans have attached themselves wholeheartedly to as they began to believe in the young quarterback. The inspiration was effective giving Hundley the chance at redeeming his team from what critics were calling a below average team without the Hall of Fame QB, Aaron Rodgers. Now with a devastating 23-0 loss at Lambeau Field, fans are beginning to collectively lose faith in Hundley’s capabilities.

Sticking with the positives

Analysts knew that the Baltimore Ravens had a deadly defense going into this game. The Packers had a good game plan moving the ball down the field as they put up 265 yards of offense against the Baltimore defense.

Going across the stat sheet, Green Bay beat out the Ravens in nearly every category. The Packers acquired better first down efficiency, more yards per play, better third down conversions, and had higher yards in both passing and rushing. Hundley did not have a problem Moving The Chains on John Harbaugh’s tough defense, it was as simple as finding the end zone.

Davante Adams showed how skillful of a player he is on the Packers roster by putting up 126 yards with only eight receptions. Jamaal Williams did his job well by plowing through gaps in the offensive line. Williams, a rookie drafted in the third round, showed his explosiveness on the field at the most appropriate time for the home crowd.

Despite the final score being 23-0, the defense played well against Baltimore.

Some big defensive stops became important to keep the momentum going for the offense. HaHa Clinton-Dix snatched his first interception of the year by reading Joe Flacco’s play beautifully. He took the ball away for intended receiver Danny Woodhead, which is never easy to do. Rookie linebacker Vince Biegel, who was drafted from Wisconsin, also attained his first career sack to put on his resume. The Packers defense contained Baltimore’s offense to only 219 total yards. They held the Ravens to only score two field goals in the first half, even after the Packers offense gave up three turnovers. If the ability to get the ball back into Hundley’s hands was their main focus, then Packers defense accomplished their goal.

Hundley’s follies shined through

Interception is the big word that haunted Brett Hundley on Sunday. The opening drive looked impressive for Hundley until his interception in the end zone. Packers got the ball back, began moving the chains successfully, and once again gave up their possession by an interception. Two interceptions in the first quarter is never a good look for any QB. Hundley needed a reboot, so the Packers changed the play calling. Instead of interceptions being the problem, taking sacks became a vice for Hundley. Packers went back to the drawing board once more and began keeping Hundley in the shotgun for most of his plays. This gave him a better view of the field and prevent the heavy pressure from Baltimore’s defense.

Hundley’s numbers improved as his passing completions were at 73 percent while in the gun. While Hundley began getting his motivation back for his team, he became crushed yet again by throwing his third interception with 2:13 left to play in the game.

Hundley still isn’t quite there when it comes to good decision making as an NFL quarterback. He made the same mistake that many rookies make when they throw interceptions by becoming hesitant in the pocket. Second-guessing his own abilities is what leads to either sacks or broken plays because it forces the quarterback to hold on to the ball too long. This is a bad habit that can ruin a QB in the league. Hundley had opportunities to throw to an open receiver when rolling out of the pocket and instead chose to throw it away.

Other times Hundley would try to force a throw to a receiver when he had a huge gap in front of him in order to run the ball. Bad decision making leads to Hundley getting punished on the field because the NFL is not as forgiving as college football. Keeping the ball for more than five seconds, especially in the pocket, will ultimately allow the other team a chance for a sack. Getting sacks is a problem that Hundley carried with him from UCLA, as he has the record at his school for most sacks allowed from a quarterback ever. He accumulated a grand total of negative 707 yards total from sacks during his three-year tenure at UCLA.

Getting rid of the ball, making better decisions, and surveying the field are all things that Hundley needs to work on.

Packers will work with him diligently on these things, and Mike McCarthy so far has not shown any sign of changing his quarterback. Faith remains stout with having Hundley under center. The question remains on whether Hundley can improve enough for his team, or if Rodgers will be forced back early from his collarbone injury?