With the exception of the Boston Celtics, no Eastern Conference team’s start to the season may be more surprising than the Detroit Pistons. Heading into the matchup against Cleveland, the Pistons (after having missed the playoffs last season) were tied for the second-most wins in the conference. The Cavaliers, on the other hand, have rebounded from a 5-7 record to win five in a row after the easy victory over Detroit.

Cavaliers (10-7) defeat Pistons (11-6) - 116-88

LeBron James stepped onto the court in Detroit’s new arena averaging nearly 29 points, and roughly eight rebounds and eight assists per game.

Watching the Cavaliers play, it does sometimes feel like it’s James against the world. And while that tactic can win games during the regular season and early rounds of the playoffs, it will become extremely problematic in May and impossible come June.

It looked like one of those games in the first quarter. James shot out-of-the-gate and dropped 16 points in the first quarter on drives to the basket, three-point shots, and turn-around jumpers. Check out his array of buckets in this highlight package:

Cleveland led 35-23 after the opening frame. Like was stated before, James is more than capable of putting a team on his back and winning any one game, but when he gets help from his teammates, that's when games become blowouts.

With a strong boost from the bench, Cleveland pushed their 13-point lead to 27 points in the second quarter (73-46). The Cavs’ reserves combined to score 26 points in the first half. Reggie Jackson paced the Pistons with 10 points.

The Cavs continued their dominance in the third quarter, extending their lead to 39. LeBron James got some much-needed rest, sitting out the entire final period.

James is leading the NBA in minutes, averaging 37.9, which is way too many for a player in his 15th NBA season. He played just 27 minutes Monday night (Nov. 20) as the Cavs' bench finished off the 28-point win. Cleveland will shoot for six wins in a row against the Nets at home, while Detroit will look to rebound versus the Thunder in Oklahoma City.

Cavaliers/Pistons game stat leaders


Kevin Love - 19 points/11 rebounds/four assists

LeBron James - 18 points/two rebounds/eight assists

Jae Crowder - 18 points/five rebounds/zero assists


Tobias Harris - 11 points/five rebounds/three assists

Stanley Johnson - 10 points/three rebounds/zero assists

Reggie Jackson - 10 points/one rebound/six assists