Usually once a year, the WWE releases a number of superstars in Wrestling talent cuts to open up roster spots and mix up the rosters somewhat. The WWE released three wrestlers today with no warning. The names included Emma, Darren Young and Summer Rae.

The 3 WWE releases

The most surprising of the three WWE releases was that of Emma. She just wrestled last weekend at the "Tables, Ladders & Chairs" pay-per-view event, looking competitive but losing in the wrestling match to new Monday Night Raw superstar Asuka in her main roster debut. The next night, the two had a rematch on Monday Night Raw and Asuka won again.

That made the release of Emma surprising. She had just started getting more attention in recent weeks after she made public posts on Twitter about the WWE's use of her in wrestling storylines. There is a chance her complaints could have led to her wrestling release.

Emma responded to her wrestling release on Twitter.

Lio Rush insults Emma on Twitter

For fans who don't recognize his name, Lio Rush is a new WWE signee, someone who excelled in Ring of Honor. He is a smaller, quick, and high-flying cruiserweight who has a bright wrestling future in the WWE. Lio Rush might have jeopardized that future with his comment about Emma.

Lio Rush claimed that this is what happens when someone is not ready for a match with Asuka.

This is harsh because Emma was one of the first women to lead the new Divas wrestling revolution in the WWE alongside Paige. It was insulting and Lio Rush soon found himself in the eyesights of WWE superstar Bray Wyatt, as well as 205 Live superstar Jack Gallagher.

Bray Wyatt mentioned that there is no way Lio Rush can compete with the "wolves" in the WWE by making comments like that.

Lio Rush then backtracked, deleted his original post, and then wished Emma the best of luck in the future.

That is when Jack Gallagher made his comment, which was in reference to the "apology" by Lio Rush for his Emma comments.

Others thanked Emma

While Lio Rush was out of line with his comments about Emma, there were many WWE superstars who tweeted their thanks and memories to Emma.

Sasha Banks called Emma the "hardest worker" and even thanked SummerRae and Darren Young as well.

Austin Aries, who quit the WWE a few months back, offered to put on a cooking show with Emma on YouTube. Other wrestling stars who sent out their best wishes included Paige, who Emma started the Women's Revolution with, Cedric Alexander and Billy Kay.