The Week 10 college football rankings are out, with rewards for Georgia and Ohio State. The AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll are identical in the top four, with Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and Wisconsin leading the charge. When the first College Football Playoff rankings come out on Tuesday (Oct. 31) those should also be the teams at the top of the bowl projections.

In the AP Top 25, Alabama received 59 first-place votes and Georgia received the other two. In the Week 10 Coaches Poll, Alabama received all 65 first-place votes to become the unanimous No.

1 team. Georgia is easily the No. 2 team in both polls with an 8-0 record, as Ohio State takes over the No. 3 spot with an 8-1 record, pushing them ahead of Wisconsin at No. 4. Badgers fans have a right to complain as the team is 8-0.

Alabama vs. Georgia is coming

As previously reported on the site, one of the scenarios necessary to set up a spectacular SEC Championship Game just took place. Now the SEC has the top two ranked schools in the country, possibly setting up the conference for two 12-0 teams to meet in the SEC title game. Can Alabama and Georgia keep their perfect records through the rest of their conference schedule? That could possibly mean two SEC schools in the College Football Playoff.

Last week, college football power rankings rewarded the Georgia Bulldogs for moving to 7-0 on the season, despite a lot of complaints from fans of Penn State, TCU, and Wisconsin. Now, it seems that those college football analysts may have been right, as the Associated Press writers and coaches now agree that Georgia is the second-best team in the country.

It creates a collision course to play Alabama for all the marbles.

The rest of the top 10 teams

In the AP Top 25, the rest of the top 10 teams are Notre Dame, Clemson, Penn State, Oklahoma, Miami, and TCU (in that order). Miami is still undefeated (7-0), so a No. 9 ranking shows very little respect by the Associated Press voters.

The drop by Penn State was also not that bad, as the team dipped five spots, one short of the six slots that TCU dropped after a Week 9 loss.

Over in the Week 10 Coaches Poll, the rest of the top 10 teams are Clemson, Miami, Penn State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State (in that order). As this shows, the coaches aren’t on the same page as the writers through the first nine weeks of the college football season. It sets up an interesting scenario where the first College Football Playoff rankings of the year will be needed to settle some of the debate.