The Indians have lost six consecutive winner-take-all Postseason games, including the dreadful 2016 World Series Game 7 loss to the Chicago Cubs. No matter what happens tonight, the entire fate of the Cleveland Indians playoff hopes will become clear tonight.

Lack of performance

No one can forget that this is still the same team that won 22 straight games in an epic, history-making run. However, on paper this postseason, the team is entirely different. Jose Ramirez is no doubt one of the top candidates to take home the 2017 Most Valuable Player award after a phenomenal regular season.

He hit .318 with 29 home runs and also lead the entire major leagues with 56 doubles. His infield duo Francisco Lindor also had quite the memorable season. The Indians All-Star belted a shortstop franchise record 33 home runs and provided outstanding defense at one of the sports' toughest positions.

Sadly, both of these bats have been rather quieted by the New York Yankees. Lindor is hitting .071 with only one hit in the series, with the hit coincidentally being a comeback starting grand slam in Game 2. Jose Ramirez is also hitting a mere .118 with just two hits. On top of this misery is the Cy Young favorite Corey Kluber's unlikely performance. Kluber was pulled from Game 2 in the third inning after giving up six runs on seven hits while striking out four.

That was the most runs that Kluber had given up all year. None of this is reflective of the regular season dominance from the team, but it is true what they say. The playoffs are a whole different game.

Surprising heroes

Cleveland is still in this series due to some unexpected stars. Jay Bruce has risen to the occasion and so far carried the team on his back offensively.

The right fielder hit a lead-padding two-run homer in Game 1 to help the Indians coast to a win off of Bauer's unbelievable performance. Bruce also hit the game-tying home run the next day that led to another win. The Indians have scored 16 runs through the first four games. Bruce has single-handedly contributed half of those after hitting in four runs and scoring four times.

I am sure Josh Tomlin most likely did not see himself in the bullpen for the postseason at the beginning of the year, but here he is. Terry Francona does not shy away from seemingly questionable moves, but most of the time it works out and it makes him look even better. His latest piece of wonderment is Tomlin's arm late in games. Josh Tomlin has pitched three innings over two games. He has not allowed a hit, walk, or run in his time on the mound. He has four strikeouts and has looked masterful in late game situations. If the Indians can find a way to utilize this in an almost everyday situation, it can spell disaster for opponents.

ALDS game 5

This is it. The entire season comes down to tonight.

Even with a win, the fate can be decided. The problem is that Jay Bruce cannot carry the team forever. They cannot win games without their ace. Not even one of the most dynamic managers of all time can save a team without the production they are more than capable of. Jose Ramirez needs to find out what is not working and fix it quick. Francisco Lindor needs to keep being the level-headed, clutch hitter he is. Finally, Corey Kluber needs to pitch this team to a championship. If somehow the Indians win tonight without a usual Kluber performance, it is still not exactly a win.

The Red Sox ace and Cy Young candidate, Chris Sale, steadily declined towards the end of the season and it proved a disaster for Boston.

Sure, Cleveland has a stronger bullpen and even a better rotation, but without Corey Kluber, it would be the toughest challenge the team would ever have to face. The Indians do not need everything to come together all at once. They just need a few of the missing links to reappear.

The two biggest deciding factors of the Indians fate is Ramirez and Kluber. With them returning to their regular season form, the team would look like a true World Series contender again. However, the fact of the matter is that the Astros are just a more challenging opponent than the Yankees, so if the Tribe cannot get past them, it was never meant to be.

It's not over yet

With all of this said, it is almost certain Francona and the Indians are putting everything they have on the line.

I fully believe this team can overcome any obstacle in their path and now more than ever, they will fight for it. The Indians are not done. The six consecutive win-or-go-home losses will become a meaningless stat of the past if the Cleveland Indians can take it all tonight.

The team does not go quiet for long and Game 4 could have been the Indians' wake-up call. I will end this article with some great news for Cleveland. The Yankees will be pitching C.C. Sabathia in Game 5. Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez, and Carlos Santana are all hitting .500 or above against the lefty in his career. Get ready for a potentially devastating offensive display by the American League Central Champions.