The past few weeks or months have seen diverse opinions on what taking the Knee by pro-NFL players, team owners and fans means. Colin Kaepernick started this revolution in the middle of last season, and at the time he was seen by most people as a rebel or someone who disrespected or did not appreciate the Star Spangled Banner. This season many of his former rebukers have turned into supporters and idols of sorts.

Why are NFL Players and Owners kneeling after the statements by president DJT?

Before the comments by Donald Trump, some NFL team owners did not agree with Colin Kaepernick, but after the speech, all of a sudden the same owners are now taking the knee in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

why is that?.

There is a lot of speculation as to why this may be happening, and this has led to a couple of suggestions in the media and across town halls all over the country, with various theories:

  1. Most of the super-rich NFL Team owners who are not comfortable with being told what to do. When they felt like the President was telling them what to do with regards to their Players taking the knee, it did not go down well with them. In rejection of this, they now feel that they have to defy the President and show unity with their players who are making them millions of dollars every day.
  2. Suddenly kneeling seems to be the right thing to do or at least the right thing to do for the media. Most of the owners who have lately decided to take the Knee in solidarity with their players do this in the full glare of the press and a publicity stunt could get them on the right side of their fans’ morality.
  3. Maybe these owners do see sense in taking the knee and are doing it purposefully and nothing else.

Has kneeling become a symbol of revolt or an avenue to attract or retain loyalty of Fans

This particular question has solicited interest and varied reactions from all across the country.

The real motive behind the NFL Team Owners' decision to take a knee may never be known to anyone else except to themselves. The “Knee Bow” has become the scissor that cuts this nation in half. It is not based on race, or religion or any of the other traditional balkanizing philosophies that our country is used to.

The big question moving forward then would be, how do we as a nation move forward without further divisions?

How do we ensure that issues like this do not occur in the future? As bad as it seems, some individuals have found a silver lining and are capitalizing on it for their selfish interests, and for such an issue of national interest to be taken advantage of by a few individuals is not right and should be rebuked in harshest possible terms by all Americans of good will.

What’s in a knee bow by a Pro Football Player, or any other American for that matter?. The country needs to have an honest and open discussion about this to bring out the undercurrents precipitated by this simple act that could result in one of the worst divisions in our social fabric.