Despite angry fans and low ratings, NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has confirmed that players who choose to kneel during the National Anthem will not be penalized. Ironically, this announcement was made Tuesday, after the organization held an emergency owner's meeting where, according to Goodell, they discussed ways to "make our communities better." This, according to a report released by the NFL. Fans across the nation were not fooled by his ambiguous explanation of Tuesday's emergency meeting, and they took to social media to express their disgust over his horrible attempt at hiding the details of what was really discussed.

Goodell claims this decision comes from the league's support of political activism

After Tuesday's owner's meeting, Goodell told reporters that they had spent the time talking about various "issues" that the NFL players wanted to raise awareness of by participating in the take-a-knee protest, rather than the actual protest. Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick started the silent protest by kneeling during the national anthem before each football game, to raise awareness of what he feels are the social injustices that people of color endure daily.

Kaepernick finally gained attention for kneeling during the 49ers game on August 26 of 2016, when Jennifer Lee Chan tweeted a photo of him sitting during the revered moment.

Her caption read, "This team formation for the National Anthem is not Jeff Fisher approved. #hardknocks." Since then, more players have followed suit, evolving into a national movement that is advocating for equal social rights.

NFL ratings have dropped drastically as more fans are becoming furious over the take-a-knee protest

According to the Guardian, the NFL's ratings have dropped seven-and-a-half percent compared to where they were at this point during the 2016 season and over 18 percent compared to where they were at the six-week mark in 2015. Even with the ratings continuing to drop steadily, Goodell says the NFL will only encourage players to stand for the anthem, but will not force them to with consequences.

Irate fans are taking to social media to call for a boycott of the NFL

Members of the Facebook community are calling for a boycott of the NFL, as they speak out against the league for allowing the protest to continue for so long, especially when previous players have been dealt fines and other consequences for doing the same thing.

One ex-fan presented a strong case in a social media group, by pointing out specific examples of players who have been chastised for using their celebrity platform to raise awareness of various issues. A few of the players mentioned included Tim Tebow, who received backlash from the NFL for kneeling before each game in prayer and also for wearing the famous Bible verse John 3:13 on his eye blackout tape in 2011, Brandon Marshall, who was fined $10,500 in 2013, for wearing green cleats to raise awareness for people who suffered from mental health disorders, and also all of the 2016 Dallas Cowboys, who wanted to wear a decal on their helmets to honor the five Dallas police officers who had been killed in the line of duty.

He ends his solid argument with, "But in 2017, the NFL suddenly supports free speech and expression?"