New York Jets rumors have suddenly shifted. Could this team make the 2018 NFL Playoffs? As the Week 5 game against the Cleveland Browns approaches, many Jets fans have taken to social media to post about the success the team has had over the past two weeks. The 0-2 start to the NFL season has become part of the distant past and suddenly the Jets have a shot to move to 3-2 on the season with a win over the Browns on Sunday (Oct. 8).

The Jets lost a close game in Week 1 to the Buffalo Bills (21-12), showing that there was room for improvement on the field.

Then the Oakland Raiders beat the Jets 45-20 in Week 2, raising some serious questions about the direction of the franchise. Maybe the players just needed some home cooking, because upon returning home, the Jets beat the Miami Dolphins 20-6 and then the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-20. Suddenly the team has a 2-2 record and is looking competitive in the AFC East.

Jets vs. Browns game preview

FirstEnergy Stadium will host the New York Jets vs. Cleveland Browns game on Sunday. Game time is 1 PM ET and FOX will provide the television coverage. The Browns are off to an ugly start this season (again), posting a 0-4 record and looking like the team is heading straight to the top of the 2018 NFL Draft. The Jets looked like they would meet the Browns there in the spring, but instead, the team ripped off two big wins and has started heading in the opposite direction.

A report by ESPN states that the Browns are favored in this game, with the oddsmakers giving them a slight edge. The over/under for the game is also pretty low, as the NFL experts feel that there won’t be a lot of offense in this game. As of Sunday morning, the Browns are one-point favorites and the over/under is at 40.5 for the teams.

According to the ESPN Matchup Predictor, the Browns have a 58.8 percent chance of winning this game and moving to 1-4 on the season.

What is the outlook for the Jets this season?

While the New York Jets rumors could be quite positive for the game and could get even better with a win over the Cleveland Browns, there are some tough games coming up on the NFL schedule.

The Jets have to host the New England Patriots on Oct. 15 and then the Atlanta Falcons on Oct. 29. Those are the two teams that played in the last Super Bowl, putting tests right in the path of the Jets. Even splitting those games would be considered a small victory and give the franchise something to build upon.

As for the outlook at possibly making the 2018 NFL Playoffs, it didn’t help the Jets when the New England Patriots escaped with a win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Thursday night (Oct. 5). That moved the Patriots to 3-2 on the season and slightly ahead of the Jets in the AFC East standings. An improved Houston Texans team, led by Deshaun Watson is also making noise as a new contender in the conference. For now, all the New York Jets can do is to take care of their own business, beginning with a must-win game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday afternoon.