This years' MLB postseasons should be an exciting one. With big market teams such as the Yankees, Dodgers, and Cubs, all participating fans of the game should be incredibly excited to see the young talent these teams have to display. This could be one of the best postseasons in recent memory. Nationals vs Cubs is going to be an absolute bloodbath, the Diamondbacks could produce a surprising upset, and Yankees vs Indians should have some all-time pitching performances by both starters and relievers. Although game one of both the Astros vs Red Sox and Indians vs Yankees series has been completed, there is still a lot of baseball left to play.

Chicago Cubs vs Washington Nationals

The reigning World Series champions will travel to the nation's capital tonight to take on the Washington Nationals. This series is one to be excited about. It should be an absolute war. Let's take a look at the starting pitching battles that we're going to be blessed with.

Game 1: Kyle Hendricks vs Stephen Strasburg.

Game 2: Jon Lester vs Gio Gonzalez

Game 3: Max Scherzer vs Jose Quintana

Those three games should be some of the best baseball any of us will watch all year. Both lineups are loaded with talents and guys who can change the game at any time with one swing of the bat. Will Bryce Harper and the Nats finally make it out of the first round? I don't think so as this Cubs team is made for the postseason.

My prediction: Cubs in 5.

Los Angeles Dodgers vs Arizona Diamondbacks

The Diamondbacks won a thriller wild-card game on Wednesday night against the Colorado Rockies to clinch a date with the Dodgers in the NLDS. However, the Dodgers do absolutely not want to see the Diamondbacks in this series as Arizona has had their number all year with a record of 11-8 in the regular season.

Unfortunately, their projected game one starter in Robbie Ray was used in the Wild Card Game making him unavailable to start. I think the Diamondbacks have a chance to upset the Dodgers in this series but with their two best starters being used in the wild-card game, the Dodgers should win this series fairly easy in 4 games.

Houston Astros vs Boston Red Sox

As I write this article Boston is losing 4-1 in the bottom of the 6th inning with men on first and second. My favorite part about this series is seeing how many long relief appearances we are going to get from the 217 million dollar man David Price. Red Sox fans are probably so upset about how that is the role he has been reduced to and nothing makes me happier. in other news, Houston has scored 12 runs in 14 innings against the combined arms of Chris Sale, David Price, and Drew Pomeranz, all who were supposed to help lead the team to a World Series victory this fall. Jose Altuve hit three home runs last night and is putting on an absolute show at the plate. If you are a fan of the long ball and hate the Red Sox like I do, then this series is definitely for you.

Cleveland Indians vs New York Yankees

Trevor freaking Bauer was absolutely dominant in his start last night. Bauer threw 5 and a third inning of no-hit ball last night making Yankee fans like myself want to rip their eyes out. His curveball looked like it was dropping 700 feet instead of 7 inches last night. Last night was the game the Yankees absolutely needed to win in order to have a fighters chance in this series. Instead, they got 3 hit by a social maniac of a pitcher in Trevor Bauer. However, the Yanks lineup did make studs Andrew Miller and Cody Allen throw a bunch of pitches so they should both be unavailable today. I think the Indians win this series in a sweep allowing minimal runs to the Yankees sometimes potent offense.