Green Bay Packers' Head Coach, Mike Mccarthy, confirmed on Monday that Aaron Rodgers will likely remain out of the 2017 season, due to a broken collarbone that will require surgery. Instead of hiring an outside quarterback to replace Rodgers, McCarthy told that he would be using the players who are already on his roster.

The Packers' coaching staff have decided that Brett Hundley, third-year quarterback for Green Bay, will take over the position for Rodgers, with Joe Callahan as his back up. Hundley played for UCLA, and he was the starting quarterback for the Bruins from 2012-2014, and his first NFL start will take place against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

Joe Callahan was promoted from the practice team to the official roster, to serve as Hundley's back up quarterback. The Jersey native played college football for Wesley College in Delaware and was signed as a free agent for the NFL in 2016.

The Packers also announced on Tuesday, that rookie, Jerod Evans, has been signed as to the practice squad as a third quarterback. Evans played for Virginia Tech and had originally been signed by the Philadelphia Eagles as an undrafted rookie. During his career at Virginia Tech, Evans threw 3,546 yards, had 846 rushing yards, 29 touchdowns, and started in 14 games.

The pressure is on, after Hundley's performance against the Minnesota Vikings

Hundley racked up three interceptions, 18 completed passes, and one touch down during last Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, and the Packers walked away with a hefty 23-10 loss.

Now leading the offense in place of Rodgers, Hundley has a huge role to fill, but he seems up for the challenge. Hundley explained his rocky performance as trying to adjust to Rodger's playing style.

Mike McCarthy gets testy over Colin Kaepernick question

In an interview on, McCarthy did not seem too happy when asked if would consider hiring ex-NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, to replace Rodgers instead of Hundley.

McCarthy's quickly insisted that his, "quarterback room is exactly where it needs to be", after explaining that the two years he has invested in Callahan, and the three years he has invested in Hundley were the reasons why he wanted to promote players within the team, rather than hiring Kaepernick.

McCarthy made was very thorough in letting listeners know that Hundley would be the replacement for Rodgers.