Martin Truex Jr. and the No. 78 Furniture Row Racing Team took a surprise victory at Charlotte Motor Speedway on Sunday. The team had battled through challenges all weekend, including a major mess up in qualifying, to take the checkered flag at the end of the race. Truex was extra emotional as his longtime girlfriend, Sherry Pollex who is battling ovarian cancer, could not attend due to chemotherapy. After a long week and a longer weekend, Truex couldn’t hold back the tears in Victory Lane.

It was a challenge from the beginning

From the very beginning of the weekend, Martin Truex Jr.

struggled. The No. 78 Furniture Row Racing Team turned the car loose for qualifying and right off the bat they made a mistake that sent Truex back to the #17th starting position. The error came as a surprise as they have been flawless in qualifying all season. Truex remained optimistic for the race, however. Then the race began, and Truex found himself struggling again. In fact, Truex didn’t score any points in the first Stage of the Bank Of America 500. That was the first time since July that the points leader failed to score points in Stage 1.

However, Martin Truex, Jr. and his crew didn't give up. The crew worked tirelessly to do their part to help Truex gain spots. In fact, with every pit stop the crew helped Truex gain position, and by lap 234 he was in the lead.

Truex took it from there and drove with determination and heart. Even when a late yellow flag bunched up the field, Truex kept his cool and held off Chase Elliot for the win.

An emotional win results in a guaranteed spot in Round 8

Martin Truex Jr. was unable to control his emotions in Victory Lane as he talked about his girlfriend and his team.

He gave credit to his girlfriend for being the one that made him who he was and for being his rock. He also thanked his team for the amazing job they did. The win was an important one for Truex, emotionally and race wise. It allowed him to be guaranteed a spot in Round 8 of championship battle and gave him a 34 point lead over Kyle Larson.

Martin Truex Jr and his No 78 Furniture Row Racing team took the checkered flag for an emotional victory. Starting the race in 17th place, Truex and his team battled through challenges to make it to first. Truex’s girlfriend, who had chemotherapy earlier in the week and was unable to make it, however, shared her congratulations over Twitter and shared in the gratitude and emotion of the moment. In the home of NASCAR Truex brought home a victory that made everyone feel good.