On Thursday night in the Green Bay Packers blowout of the Chicago Bears, not everything was rosy. The Packers have been struggling all season to get healthy and they took two big losses in their win over the Bears. Running back Ty Montgomery suffered a rib injury but the injury wasn’t as bad as originally thought. However, a much more severe injury came to wide receiver Davante Adams. Luckily, Adams was released from the hospital on Friday and said he was “feeling great.” It made the 35-14 win a little hard to celebrate.

Davante Adams injury

The Davante Adams injury happened in the third quarter of the Green Bay Packers 35-14 win over the Chicago Bears.

The play was dirty and brutal as Chicago linebacker Danny Trevathan lowered his head and delivered a rocking helmet-to-helmet hit to Adams. This was the first time in four years that an NFL player was penalized for a hit with the crown of the helmet according to Mike Pereira. Adams’ mouthpiece flew out as he fell to the ground.

The gams stopped as medical personnel came out to the field. Finally, they placed Davante Adams on a stretcher and carried him off the field. The Packers then transported Adams to a local hospital where he was kept under observation.

As expected, the NFL placed Devonte in the concussion protocol program as they make sure that he will recover properly before taking the field again.

The NFL struck quick and swiftly by suspending Danny Trevathan for two games for the dirty hit. Amazingly, Trevathan will appeal the suspension claiming that he was just trying to make the play.

He said he regretted the level he took but he was just trying to make the play. Martellus Bennett said he saw Trevathan celebrating after the play while Adams was on the ground injured.

The injury update

The good news is that Davante Adams said he is feeling better and is resting and recovering at home. There is very little chance the NFL will clear him for the Dallas Cowboys game next week but he will return when he passes the concussion protocol.

The Green Bay Packers only finished the game with 260 total yards despite scoring 35 points. Most of their scoring came thanks to turnovers and a short field to play on. They had Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson on the field despite both men suffering through injuries of their own. Now, with both Davante Adams and possibly Ty Montgomery out, Aaron Rodgers could be without even more weapons when they travel to Dallas next week.