Did Boston Red Sox fans already give up on the team this season? The Red Sox were having a difficult time selling tickets to Game 3 of the 2017 ALDS against the Houston Astros. With the third game taking place on Sunday (Oct. 8) it surprised many people on social media when it was revealed that tickets were still available on game day. Do people not want to visit Fenway Park in October this year?

Jose Altuve hit three home runs off the Red Sox on Thursday night (Oct. 5), leading the Astros a quick 1-0 lead in the series. The Astros also won Game 2 on Friday (Oct.

6), sending the series to Boston with a chance for the team to sweep the ALDS. This is typically where an underdog team looks to its fans to help provide momentum, but the fans in Boston may not be as supportive as in past years.

Do Red Sox fans not care this year?

Fenway Park is the smallest stadium in Major League Baseball, with a capacity of just 37,731 fans. This typically makes sellouts a bit easier for the franchise, with the added expectation that it would become a simple task in the postseason. A report by Deadspin revealed late Saturday night (Oct. 7) that there were still tickets for sale on the team website for the Red Sox. That carried into Sunday morning, even though several hours still remained for a sellout to take place.

The Red Sox even took to Twitter to announce that tickets were still available.

Is it possible that the Boston Red Sox have made the playoffs so often in recent years that fans aren’t as interested in showing up at Fenway Park to watch games? Maybe the fans just feel that the Red Sox have no shot at beating the Houston Astros?

Fans have had a while to purchase these tickets and just didn’t do it this year. Currently, there are still a lot of tickets available for Game 4 on Monday (Oct. 9) as well.

Are Fenway Park tickets just too expensive?

Game 4 ticket prices range from $50 to stand on the Green Monster up to $450 for a dugout box. There are plenty of price ranges in between, including $90 for most grandstand tickets at the stadium.

The Boston Red Sox still need to win Game 3 to make this game possible, but the team does offer refunds for games that don’t take place. It could certainly provide Houston Astros fans a rare opportunity to see a game at Fenway Park in some pretty good seats.

Just down the road from Boston, the Cleveland Indians are trying to sweep the New York Yankees. The Indians lead that series 2-0 as they head to Yankee Stadium for Game 3 on Sunday night. Can Aaron Judge keep the Yankees alive? Will they sell out that stadium? If the Boston Red Sox do play Game 3 or Game 4 in front of a lot of empty seats at Fenway Park, it seems unlikely that they will come out of this without ridicule on social media.