Chris Jericho knows a lot about how to succeed in the WWE. He has worked hard over the years to not only remain relevant but change his character as time passed on to remain interesting and fresh. One current Wrestling star who has not changed his character at all and has become very stagnant is Roman Reigns, someone the WWE really wants to push as their biggest star.

It was pretty easy to see on Monday Night Raw this week how far behind Roman Reigns is when it comes to being an actual top star in the company as John Cena destroyed him on the mic.

However, Chris Jericho doesn't share that opinion and told Sports Illustrated that he considers Roman the best wrestler in the WWE.

Roman Reigns top WWE quality

Chris Jericho had one criteria when it came to naming Roman Reigns the top wrestler in the WWE.Chris said that it isn't about having the best matches or cutting the best promos. In his mind, the best wrestler in the WWE is the person who gets the loudest crowd reaction - whether it is cheers or boos.

"If people are interested in what you're doing whether they're booing or whether they're cheering," Jericho explained, "they're still gonna pay money to see you."

The WWE has a number of criteria when naming their top stars. Crowd reaction is right up there at the top and while the loudest fans hate Roman Reigns, Jericho still thinks it is because those fans think it makes them cool.

Meanwhile, kids and women love Roman and that is where merchandise sales come from.

There is also YouTube downloads, which Roman still tops all the time. That means that people are interested in seeing him - even if they want to see him get beat up.

The future of Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns admitted again this past week that he does not consider himself a babyface or a heel and claims to be the first "gray area character" in the WWE, although that really should describe Stone Cold Steve Austin almost 20 years ago.

With that said, Triple H said recently that Roman has turned heel already thanks to his refusal to care what fans think and continuous talk about retiring The Undertaker.

However, Chris Jericho said he wouldn't go full heel for Roman Reigns because what the WWE is doing is working without going full evil. "Obviously the boss has decided Roman is going to be a tweener," Jericho said. "It's like football or baseball or hockey, not everybody's going to cheer for the same team, as long as you're making noise. And Roman's not stale."