Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras has been suspended two games after losing his temper Friday (Sept. 15) against the St. Louis Cardinals. It all stemmed from a pitch that Contreras and Cubs starting pitcher John Lackey felt was a strike against Carlos Martinez. Lackey and Contreras argued it a bit and then went back to their positions.

On the next pitch following the arguments, Carlos Martinez hit an RBI-single into center field, causing John Lackey and Willson Contreras to completely lose their cool. Lackey cussed out the home plate umpire as he began yelling in his face and Contreras took off his face mask and slammed it to the ground as he too complained about the umpire.

His mask hit the umpire on a bounce.

What happens with Cubs and Contreras?

Major League Baseball has suspended Willson Contreras for two games, but he has already filed an appeal on the decision. This means that he will be available to play for the Chicago Cubs until the appeal is heard, which could take a few additional days. In fact, he is already in the lineup for the September 16 game against the St. Louis Cardinals. It appears that he will try to play as long as he can before the league forces him to sit out a game or two.

Despite his role in the drama, pitcher John Lackey has not been suspended by MLB. In addition to his suspension, Contreras received an undisclosed fine from the league and has also stated that he will apologize to home plate umpire Jordan Baker the next time he sees him.

Contreras also issued a public apology to the fans, MLB, and Baker, but that might not keep him from getting suspended by the league.

How has Contreras played this year for the Cubs?

Willson Contreras is putting together another good season as the primary catcher for the Chicago Cubs. He has appeared in 107 games, connecting for 96 hits over 346 at-bats.

Contreras has a .277 batting average, .351 on-base percentage, 20 doubles, 21 home runs, and 73 RBIs to his credit. Those are good offensive stats for any position, but also rank him among the elite catchers for the 2017 MLB season.

The Chicago Cubs are pressing hard to win the National League Central, so having a full roster available every night is important for the team.

The Cubs have won four-straight games, but haven’t been able to create any additional separation from the Milwaukee Brewers in the divisional race. It has helped that the Cardinals were selling off pieces, but the team is still a threat to the Cubs. Having Willson Contreras suspended could be a step back, so many Cubs fans are hoping it gets overturned. Can this Cubs team get back to the World Series?