A San Bradford injury update from the Minnesota Vikings comes with trepidation about their starting quarterback. Bradford is listed as questionable on the Week 2 Vikings injury report, putting his availability for the Sunday night game (Sept. 17) against the Pittsburgh Steelers in question. Making it seem even worse is that the problem could be with his twice-operated-upon knee.

Bradford has been limited in practices this week, raising some interesting questions about Case Keenum taking over the starting quarterback job a bit early. Teddy Bridgewater is still on the shelf himself, with opportunistic expectations that he could play in Week 7.

The Vikings have to stay afloat until the point that Bridgewater is available, though, and receiving bad news about Bradford is not the way the franchise wanted to start this season.

What are the odds Bradford will play against Steelers?

This Sam Bradford injury update points to a serious issue with his mobility against a punishing defense from the Pittsburgh Steelers. He already has questionable mobility at the quarterback position due to the two ACL surgeries he had earlier in his NFL career. If he can move even less this week, then the coaching staff might try to keep him off the field just so they stand a better chance at winning an important game.

Despite all the chatter about his knee and that Bradford could struggle to run on the field, the expectations are still there that he will be the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings as they play this tough road game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

It could be classified as a game-time decision for any fantasy football owners paying close attention to the situation. It should also be noted that the Vikings promoted Kyle Sloter from the practice squad to add depth at quarterback.

Vikings looked good beating New Orleans Saints

The Minnesota Vikings beat the New Orleans Saints 29-19 in the home opener.

The team looked good on offense and defense, easily moving to 1-0 with an important victory against another potential NFC contender. The team didn’t even allow the Saints to score a touchdown until the fourth quarter, keeping Drew Brees in check nearly the entire day.

In that Week 1 game against the Saints, Sam Bradford had a great day as the starting quarterback.

Bradford completed 27-of-32 passes for 346 yards and three touchdowns, possibly posting the best stat line of his entire NFL career. Bradford’s day not only got fantasy football owners paying attention, but also raised the level of respect that Minnesota Vikings fans have for him during his second season on the team.

Where do the Giants stand in the NFC right now?

Can Sam Bradford tough out the injury in time to lead the Vikings to victory over the Steelers? The New York Giants might be without Odell Beckham Jr. against the Detroit Lions and in another game the Atlanta Falcons host the Green Bay Packers. This could mean several contending teams are about to post losses, giving the Minnesota Vikings a shot to rise to the top of the NFC in Week 2.