Even though the two are midfielders, It's difficult to compare them because they play different positions for their sides. N'golo Kante is a defensive midfielder so in most cases he'll be playing in Chelsea's half most of the times while Paul Pogba is an attacking midfielder so he'll be in the opponents' halves.

Based on their positions in the field of play, Pogba will shoot, assist strikers to score, score goals, and even get caught in offside zones on many occasions. Also, it's easier for the Red Devil to make few fouls than Kante who'll be in many cases shielding his Chelsea defense.

However, it can worry you that Pogba, who isn't a defensive midfielder, gets more bookings than Kante.

The position that Kante plays permits him to make more interceptions, commit more fouls, win more duels, and sprint more than Pogba. However, the defensive midfielder role denies N'golo Kante a role in shooting at the opponents' goals, create assists, or even scoring goals. It's still worrying soccer fans how Kante only managed to find himself in the scoresheet for Chelsea team on two occasions and against Pogba's team.

Whose experience is greater?

As expected, N'golo Kante, who's two years older than Pogba, has more club appearance than the Manchester United player. Kante has appeared for four teams in his footballing career while Pogba, who's serving his second term at Old Trafford, has featured for only two clubs.

The flamboyant Manchester United player will be proud that he's only played for top teams including Juventus, whereas his French counterpart has played for lower teams, including Caen, Boulogne, and Leicester City.

While Kante is older than Pogba, the latter has featured more times in France national team than the former. In fact, Pogba has played for France national 30 times more than the Chelsea midfielder.

Besides, Pogba will be boasting of the Champions League experience he earned at Juventus with his former club finishing as runners-up. On the other hand, N'golo Kante only made his Champions League debut this season. Had he not left Leicester City last season, he would've taken part in the competition where his former side reached the quarter-finals stage.

Who has won more?

The Chelsea midfielder will be proud of playing a bigger responsibility in the surprising Leicester City's crown in a club that had no global star during the Leicester City's first Premiership glory. N'golo Kante will be looking forward to winning the Premier League for the third consecutive season in a blue shirt while representing two different teams. Kante is the only player who has won the English crown in two consecutive seasons but with two separate clubs. Despite playing for a big club like Manchester United for two spells, Pogba hasn't managed to win the English title. However, he has won the Italian Serie A in four consecutive seasons with Juventus, in a league where one team's dominance is evident.

Last season, N'golo Kante won the Premier League with Chelsea, also winning the prestigious Premier League player of the season in the process. Kante was also crafted in the Premier League team of the season alongside five other Chelsea players. After winning Leicester Player of the Year award in the 2015-16 season, the French player went to Stamford Bridge, winning the Chelsea Player of the Year award with Chelsea in the following season.

Despite not winning the English crown with his side, Paul Pogba was named Uefa Europa League Player of the season during 2016-17. He also appeared in the UEFA Europa League team of the season with his side, Manchester United winning the European glory that made the Red Devils qualify for this season's Uefa Champions League.

Also, Pogba appeared in the UEFA Champions League team of the Year with Juventus in 2015.

With all the facts in this piece, you can be the judge and decide who wins in the never-ending debate of the two colorful French midfielders of their generation.