It doesn't seem that Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic will be retiring anytime soon. The 30-year-old has expressed his desire to keep going as long as possible. The Serb has already been for almost decade and a half on the Tour, having turned pro in 2003.

Djokovic has taken the first real break from tennis this year. Djokovic called it a season after Wimbledon, held in July. The Serb's goal is to recover from a shoulder injury.

Djokovic had a disappointing season. The 12-time Grand Slam champion was clearly not at his best. Apart from not being healthy, his confidence and motivation to win didn't seem to be so high.

In an interview given to SportKlub, Djokovic claimed he doesn't "know how many years" he will be playing the game.

"I'd like to say 10 years, so we’ll see how long I will last in professional tennis. I really have no fixed plans, nor is the end in sight," the world No. 6 added, per George Bellshaw of Metro UK.

Djokovic 'hungry' for more

Djokovic has also "warned" the competition that he is not interested in messing around when he comes back. The 12-time Grand Slam champion is eager to improve and get even better. Though 30 years old, the Serbian "definitely believes" there is room for improvement.

Djokovic has already had one of the greatest tennis careers ever. But, Djokovic is not satisfied, as he is eager to add more success to his collection.

In order to do so, Djokovic would need to stay healthy and keep performing at a high level.

The former world No. 1 said he "still wants to play" and "prove" himself and others.

"Just to move the boundaries, to perfect myself. I believe that, as far as I have achieved in tennis, so far, I have much more to do and perfect," Djokovic acknowledged.

Djokovic also claimed he definitely sees "room for progress" in certain elements of his game. He went on to further add that his team sees those elements as well.

Stay aware

Djokovic's words and claims should never be taken lightly. Djokovic is a true champion and great of the game. The Serbian gave his best, dedicated himself fully to be where he is now.

Djokovic's latest claims prove that he is not done with tennis. The Serbian clearly turned off after he won the 2016 french open. He was chasing for years a French Open glory. Djokovic completed a Career Grand Slam when he won the title, as that was the only title missing in his Majors collection. Since then, he hasn't won a Grand Slam title.

However, it seems that Djokovic won't be lacking confidence and motivation going forward. Djokovic performed for a year without having his recognizable fire to win. When confident and motivated, Djokovic looks scary and almost unbeatable on the court.