New York Knicks forward Kristaps Porzingis insists he is ready for the new beginning as he looks forward to the upcoming challenges. The 22-year-old and his team are coming off a not so great season. It was not only the rising forward who needed to leave it all behind -- but also the popular N.Y.-based franchise.

The Knicks hoped to have a positive campaign this past season. The Knicks' 2016 offseason signings of Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, and Courtney Lee promised at first look. However, the team failed yet again to reach the playoffs for the first time in a couple of years.

The Knicks' season, for the most part, was marked by the constant Carmelo Anthony trade rumors. The Knicks, who gave their best to land Anthony in 2011, were ready to move on from their No. 1 option. It all took its toll on the team as the frustration was growing inside the team.

The Knicks wanted to get rid of Anthony, but they were not fully in charge of the situation. Anthony's five-year deal signed with the team in 2014 included a no-trade clause. It would take the Knicks to work out a trade with someone and have Anthony accept to be traded there.

Phil Jackson, who was Knicks President of Basketball Operations at that time, made it clear that he wants to have Anthony out of N.Y. However, nothing happened at the trade deadline, as Anthony remained a Knick.

It was no secret that Anthony and Jackson didn't have a great relationship during the drama.

Porzingis wasn't happy with the drama

It all led to Porzingis skipping the team's exit meeting with Jackson and then the General Manager Steve Mills. Reportedly, the Latvian star wasn't happy with the "dysfunction and the drama" surrounding the New York-organization.

Since Jackson has been fired -- Mills promoted to his spot -- and Scot Perry named the new general manager.

"I'm coming into this season with a fresh mind. It's a new season. I want to leave what happened, I want to leave it in the past," Porzingis said, per Ian Begley of ESPN.

Porzingis shows love

The Anthony case was officially concluded a couple of days ago.

The Knicks traded Anthony to the Oklahoma City Thunder. It was a big success for the Thunder, who also teamed up superstar Paul George with last year's MVP Russell Westbrook earlier this offseason.

Porzingis is now set to be the face of the franchise. The Knicks also decided to not bring back the-now Cleveland Cavaliers guard Rose for the next season. Porzingis is set to embrace the challenge of being a leader of an NBA team.

Porzingis had nothing but good to say about his former teammate Anthony. The No. 4 pick of the 2015 NBA draft spent the first two years of his career with Anthony. There was a belief the duo could bring a championship to New York, but that was short lived.

Anthony, 33, doesn't have much time left to win it all.

Though one of the best in the game for more than a decade, he has yet to win a title. The three-time Olympic champion will now be hoping to make it all the way with superstars Westbrook and George.

"He was a great leader for us. He was a great mentor for me," Porzingis said of Anthony. "He was like a big brother to me. So I'm really thankful for him being around me. I have nothing but respect for Carmelo, and I wish him the best in the future."