Dwayne Wade has agreed to a one-year deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers to join LeBron James, according to ABCNews. If this goes anything like it did in Miami, the Cavs fans are in for a real treat. With the trade of superstar point guard Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics, the Cavs roster has taken a huge hit and left James concerned and reeling.

The addition of future NBA Hall of Famer Dwayne Wade has managed to raise some of the downed spirits. Dwayne Wade played much of his career at Miami where he became the best player in the history of the Heat franchise before moving to the Chicago Bulls.

According to NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski in the Bleacher Report, Wade conceded $8 million of his 2017-2018 salary to reach a buyout which allowed him to move to the Cavs.

Wade's credentials and the history of the brotherhood

Wade has been a part of three Miami Heat championship winning teams. The 2nd and 3rd both came as a part of an all-star partnership with LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Wade holds numerous franchise records for the Heat and is known to be his best with James at his side. The duo undoubtedly brings out the best in each other on any given night, and this gives the Cavs the boost they have been looking for as they try to complete a squad to challenge the NBA powerhouse, The Golden State Warriors.

At one point, it was thought that Wade and James would play together on the Heat until they both retired, but James had other plans and moved back to Cleveland in a quest to bring a championship to the franchise where it all started for him.

What's in store for the Cavs?

With the loss of Irving, it means that the Cavs will become heavily reliant on Kevin Love again.

James would go about doing his thing as usual, but it would take a monumental effort for him (even by his great standards) to take the team all the way. The GSW are undoubtedly the favorites to retain the NBA championship on the strength of their roster alone. The Cavs have brought in Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas as well as Derrick Rose and now Wade.

Wade would serve to offset some of the responsibility and slot into what is expected to be the Cavs' version of a 'big three' with James and Love. If James and Wade team up half as good as they did in Miami, the Cavs fans won't miss Irving.

The roster looks much more complete, and the fans and players alike should be much more confident in their chances for the upcoming season. Isaiah Thomas went out on a limb to promise the fans a great season with a championship in the first year and that was before Wade was acquired. He certainly has better chances of making good on that promise now.