Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett admits the Denver Broncos outsmarted his side in Week 2. What was expected to be one of the most interesting matchups of the week turned out to be a pretty much one-sided game. The Broncos dominated the Cowboys 42-17 to improve to a 2-0 record on the season.

"We played the game they wanted us to play, not the game that we typically play," coach Jason Garrett said, per Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Dallas was far from its best in Colorado and ultimately paid the price by being demolished.

Cowboys rising stars Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott didn't impress against the Broncos. The first completed 30-of-50 of his throws for 238 yards, while the latter collected just eight rushing yards on nine carries.

"Across the board, throughout that ballgame, we did not get the job done against these guys," Garrett acknowledged.

Garrett praises the Broncos

Dallas coach Garrett also confessed that Denver's plan of stopping the Cowboys' run game was successfully executed. The Broncos were facing a big task on Sunday -- locking down Elliott -- arguably the best running back in the NFL. Since the Cowboys weren't doing much damage on their pass plays, the Broncos could continue to push their game plan for Week 2.

Elliott left Colorado with a bad taste in his mouth, having played his worst ever game on Sunday. The running back claimed after the match it was his first ever game with less than 10 rushing yards. Also, the 22-year-old's run of 16 consecutive games with at least 80 rushing yards came to an end. Elliott finished his rookie season in style, having led the league in rushing yards last year.

"Again teams have been trying to stop the run against us for a while. They did a good job of that. We didn't do a good enough job," Garret said. "But the idea that teams want to stop the run. That is not a new concept."

Denver confident in its defense

Dallas came into the game knowing they were set to clash off against a tough and gritty Denver defense.

The Broncos have one of the best defenses in the NFL, led by superstar linebacker Von Miller and the experienced cornerback Aqib Talib.

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett insisted Denver had the courage to write down such a game plan because they are highly confident in their defensive players. The Cowboys have one of the best offenses in the league, but they just had no solution for the Broncos defense. A small number of teams will be able to lock down both Prescott and Elliott in the same game.

"That's part of how they play," Garrett said. "The reason they are able to play style of defense we are talking about. Having people up around the line of scrimmage. They really believe in their corners"