A few days ago it was reported by Frank Isola of the “New York Daily News” that Carmelo Anthony and his camp were “cautiously optimistic” about a deal being done that would see him being traded to the Houston Rockets. However, the New York Knicks star is now willing to entertain other options outside his long preferred destination with training camp starting up next week.

Carmelo's wish list

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, league sources have told ESPN that Carmelo Anthony has given the Knicks an expanded list of team's he would waive his no-trade clause for.

The Knicks have been unable to execute a trade with the Houston Rockets due to Ryan Anderson's massive three-year, $61 million contract. In order to have enough room to get Melo, the Rockets would have to find a taker for Andeson, which they have been unable to do.

Since Carmelo does not want to be in New York after what happened last year, he has told the Knicks he would now be willing to be traded to two new teams, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Oklahoma City Thunder. This all came about after the Knicks insisted to Anthony and his camp that they were unable to make a deal with the Rockets and would like an expanded list of teams.

Anthony honored the team's request yesterday but expanding his list to include at least two more days within the last week-and-a-half.

He is still expected to report to the team's media day on Monday, which takes place on the eve of training camp. However, Carmelo wanted to be traded before training camp and therefore major tension is expected when he reports to training camp.

Cavaliers and Thunder

Wojnarowski also reported that league sources said that Carmelo was encouraging the Knicks to show urgency in trying to trade him before the season starts.

Those same league sources also told him that the Knicks had called the Cleveland Cavaliers on Monday but the two sides did not exchange trade ideas.

However, Cleveland is reported concerned about Anthony's two-year, $54 million contract. They are concerned about being stuck with Carmelo's $27.9 contract if he opts into the final year of the deal with the possibility of LeBron James being gone when they would want to start rebuilding.

It is unknown what the Knicks contact has been with the Oklahoma City Thunder regarding Anthony. The Portland Trailblazers has also remained interested in Anthony and could still emerge if the Knicks can't make deals with the Rockets, Cavaliers, and Thunder.