The Golden State Warriors' Kevin Durant wants to join the Los Angeles Lakers. Unfortunately, the version of the team he wants to be a part of no longer exists. On The Bill Simmons Podcast, Durant revealed his desire to play for the Lakers of the "Showtime" era. The 2017 NBA Finals MVP believes he would fit well into the system of that unit led by NBA legends Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The likes of James Worthy, Byron Scott, Kurt Rambis, A.C. Green, and Michael Cooper also had pivotal roles during that memorable period in the franchise's history.

The "Showtime" Lakers became famous because of their run and gun style of play that helped them capture five of the organization's 16 NBA championships. It is easy to see why Durant would have been a terrific member of that particular squad. The 27-year-old has the speed, athleticism, and mobility needed to play at a fast tempo. He is also versatile both on offense and defense. Sadly for the fans of the purple and gold franchise, the "Showtime" era ended over twenty-five years ago, though there are hopes that the arrival of Lonzo Ball will revive it. Many are already comparing the prized rookie to Johnson due to his impressive passing abilities.

Durant speaks about loyalty

On the podcast, Durant also shared his thoughts on loyalty in the NBA.

The issue regarding loyalty re-emerged following the Kyrie Irving-Isaiah Thomas trade that went down between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics earlier this week. The Warriors forward explained that it is already normal for franchise players to get dealt or leave their teams. He emphasized that it is all about business.

This matter is nothing new for Durant whose loyalty was questioned last summer when he decided to part ways with the Oklahoma City Thunder to sign with Golden State.

Redskins to Body Snatchers

As a native of Washington D.C., Durant was asked by Bill Simmons what name he is going to give the state's NFL team if it drops the Redskins moniker.

A lot of people, especially from Native American groups, have asked the Redskins to alter their team name because for them it is offensive. There are already cases filed against the organization due to this. Durant provided a unique answer to the question. If the Warriors star has his way, he is calling them the Body Snatchers, which is a title of the 1996 song from Washington-based go-go band Rare Essence as well as part of the name of a classic horror movie.