Summer break is over and Formula 1 returns to racing with the Belgian Grand Prix.

F1 returns to Spa and the battle between Ferrari and Mercedes reignites.

For the first time in four weeks, Formula 1 will return to racing with the Belgian Grand Prix. Over the course of F1’s traditional summer break, teams are not allowed to work on their cars or make any preparations for the race. That does not mean, however, that teams have grown complacent in their hunt for the championship. As they prepare to head to Belgium the rivalry between Ferrari and Mercedes is hotter than ever with Red Bull the wild card in the mix.

Reigniting a rivalry in the second half of the F1 season.

As the second half of the Formula 1 begins to unfold, the competition between Ferrari and Mercedes is reaching a crescendo. The break has provided both teams with an opportunity to regroup and refocus their efforts. Lewis Hamilton stands just 14 points behind points leader Sebastian Vettel. Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes other driver, is 19 points behind Hamilton. After, losing to his former team mate, Nico Rosberg, Hamilton is set on retrieving his crown and his place on top of the top F1 standings. At Spa, both teams will turn loose their drivers and renew the battle for the honor of being Formula 1’s champion.

The wildcard that is Red Bull in the fight for the championship.

Ferrari and Mercedes are not the only ones eager to get back to fighting for the championship. Red Bull also wants to throw their hat into the ring. Although Red Bull is much farther behind in the points, both Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen are eager to prove they are going to be a challenge in the chase as well.

Red Bull has shown signs of speed during the first half of the season with both Ricciardo and Verstappen having consistently fast showings in races and Ricciardo taking the win in Azerbaijan. It would take a very successful run from Red Bull to really mount a challenge for the championship, however, it is not impossible and if any team could do it, Red Bull could.

The return to racing at the Belgian Grand Prix is a return to a chase for the championship. For Ferrari, is the resuming of a hunt, a restoration of glory, and return to the pinnacle of motorsports. Mercedes also has much at stake, retaining their powerful grip on the most prominent of racing series and continuing to be the innovators of technology throughout the automotive world. Their lead driver, Lewis Hamilton, has something else to prove as well. That he is capable of being a teammate and a champion and that he is till one of the fastest people alive. Not to be forgotten, Red Bull hopes to, not only recover but retake the championship they haven’t won since Sebastian Vettel was their driver. The race at Spa will usher in the second half of the 2017 Formula 1 Season and one of the most exciting championship fights that has been seen in years.