Every sport has those moments of triumph. The moments that inspire people to be more than they thought they could be. Robert Kubica’s return to racing is one of those moments. Kubica, who lost most of his arm in rally racing accident in Italy, is planning a return to Formula 1. Last week, in fact, Kubica completed a test around the Hungaroring, following the same course the F1 drivers did for the race. Kubica clocked the fourth fastest time of the test.

Kubica always believed he would return to racing.

Robert Kubica once had a bright future in Formula 1.

His natural talent and skill on the track were undeniable. Kubica was often compared to some of the great drivers of the era, including Petronas Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton. However, it wasn’t meant to be, at least not at that time in Kubica’s life. Kubica entered a rally race in Italy in 2011 and there he met with disaster. Robert Kubica crashed his car into a guard rail hard, severely injuring his right leg, hand, and arm.

Kubica was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent seven hours of surgery to try to repair his mangled limbs. Doctors had to amputate sections of Kubica’s arm, although not the entire thing. His right arm was disfigured and much weaker than his left arm. Doctors told Kubica he may never race again; however, Kubica always believed that he would.

He was so sure in fact that he told a reporter from the Times of Malta that he would come back “better and stronger”.

It’s not how long it takes; it’s that it gets done.

Robert Kubica took his first spin in a Formula 1 car in over six years this past week in the hallowed walls of the Hungaroring. From the beginning it seemed as if Kubica had never been out of the car, his reflexes and reactions just as sharp as ever.

Kubica was so smooth and quick that he ended up clocking the fourth fastest time, which is quite a feat for someone who hasn’t been in an F1 car in over six years. Kubica was pleased, however, he did discuss the fact that F1 cars had changed tremendously over the course of his recovery and he had a sharp learning curve before he could actually race.

One of Kubica’s lessons for the day came when he kissed the wall with the car when leaving the pit lane for the first time. Kubica, however, was not deterred and was eager to get out and get some miles under his belt.

"Hero" is one of those words that gets thrown around in sports with regularity, however, it is rare that we see a true hero, who inspires people to be more and do more. Robert Kubica is just such a hero. His indomitable spirit and drive have enabled him to learn some of the hardest lessons life has to offer and to come out, just as he said he would, better and stronger. Kubica is reaching for his dreams with both hands and in so doing inspires all of us to do the same